Achievements_Pit Master Arena: Pets with no arena fight

Orginally a post on the “old” AoC forums by Kantakwa. Contributed to by many.

I am migrating this post to new forums as I have seen a few people on Saga ask which pets can be fought in the Pit Master Arena and I have had to go back to the old forums to find them the link. (if Kantakwa is still active on the forums and wishes to claim their post please let me know.)

There are some pets in the game that you can not fight in the Pit Masters Arena. When you summon them in the Arena you get a message that there is no arena encounter for them.

No arena fight // Keine Begegnung (work in progress):

[Pet: Arctic Hare] – From itemshop / Reward from 2012 Winter Seasonal Event // Arktischer Hase
[Pet: Beaver] – From Hoard of Destiny Chest in itemshop // Biber
[Pet: Blessed Serpent] – From Reverent Settler – Priests Renown lv19 Archetype Quest: Servant of the Divine // genauer deutscher Name mir unbekannt (added by avrian)
[Companion: Blue Scuttler] – From Reverent Settler Renown lv8 Quest: Washed Clean // Blaukrabbe
[Pet: Corinthian Cottontail] - From Hoard of the Gladiator, Item Shop -> Trader // genauer deutscher Name mir unbekannt (added by Ernsts)
[Pet: Cunning Rat] – From last boss on Dead Man’s Hand // Schlaue Ratte
[Companion: Field Mouse] – From Lisi Rat-friend [Common Pets] in Old Tarantia 807,532 / World boss // Feldmaus
[Companion: Fire Salamander] – From world boss // Feuersalamander
[Companion: Frost Salamander] – From world boss // Frostsalamander
[Pet: Idol of Yag] – From the Children of Yag-Kosha Faction. // Götze von Yag
[Pet: Khitan Camel] – From Hoard of War Bringer // Khitaianisches Kamel
[Companion: Old Squeaker] – From Lisi Rat-friend [Common Pets] in Old Tarantia 807,532 // Alter Quietscher
[Personal Chronicler of Deeds] - 15.000 Achievementpoints // Persönlicher Chronist der Taten (added by avrian)
[Companion: Sheep] – From Farmer [Fine Pets] in Renown lv6 guild city // Schaf
[Mini-Pet: Set’s Curse] – From Raider Supplies@Reliquary // Sets Fluch
[Pet: The Abominable Cthulhi] - crossover celebration for The Secret World’s 4th anniversary June 30th - July 13th 2016 // Der abscheuliche Cthulhi
[Pet: The Sixth C o n of Cang-Jei] – From the Shadows of Jade Faction // Der sechste Schwindel von Cang Jei
[Pet: Tree of Death] – From the Brittle Blade Faction (added by Blasphemer
[Companion: Snake Charmer] – From Raider Supplies@Reliquary // Schlangenbeschwörer (added by avrian)
[Pet: Vaaghasan Cub] all forms cub to grown fighting pet – From Tamarin’s Tigers faction // Tamarin Tiger Gefährte in allen Varianten vom Baby zum ausgewachsenen Kampfgefährten
[Pet: War Machine] – From Last Legion faction // Kriegsmaschine (added by ConanLogan)
[Companion: White Rat] – From Lisi Rat-friend [Common Pets] in Old Tarantia 807,532 // Weiße Ratte
[Pet: Wily Hare] - From Hoard of the Gladiator, Item Shop -> Trader // Listiger Hase ??? (added by Ernsts)
[Pet: Wolf Cub] – From Wolves of the Steppes faction // Steppenwolf Gefährte (added by slackjoint)
[Pet: Zebra Foal] – From Hoard of War Bringer // Zebrafohlen

Aditions wellcome! Correct pet names in other languages wellcome!

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Hi, I am active here, but I have no problem at all with someone bringing stuff I posted on the old forum over to this new one.
As far as I can tell the list is up to date, I have not heard of any other pets with no arena fight yet.
Although - I have not tested the pet from the new membership offer, and I have not tested the “new old” pets at the gilding vendor. If someone has tested them and can share his results here it would be a lot of help for everyone who is looking for pets for the arena.

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