How can we have pet battles?


I am on a private server and the builder has made a arena specifically for pet battles. On this server… raiding is on the weekend only (in PM) and pvp settings are 24/7.

We would like to bring the pets to the arena to duke it out. Is this possible? I think using the facility is only possible during the raid window. Is this correct?

  • The builder has land claim that we will be fighting in
  • The “pokemon” may not even be that of the builder
  • Raiding has a specific time window that is different than that of the pvp timer on the server.

Any insights would be helpful as we have never done this before.


Server is Codex Alera also if people are interested in joining.

u won’t be able to place thralls or tames on someone else’s land claim but u can have them follow u there.

ok - will they engage during pvp time or only during raid time? Am I over thinking this?

predicting thrall/tame behavior at this moment is…unpredictable

It’s not a simple thing to realize.

But I think if you and your opponent go to that arena followed by your pets during raid time, you or your opponent just make a single attack to the other player’s pet to give a target for the first pet they will start to fight (in theory), when they start you and your opponent could just give the command to stop follow you, and, if they are fighting, I think they’ll finish the fight before returning home.

It’s something like the infamous boss-attack tactics used in PvE and PvE-Conflcit applied to pets in PvP, I don’t know if it works or how difficult to may be to realize.

Good luck :wink:

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I do this with thralls.

Two choices: build fences and walls (which can get pets stuck), or build a platform they can’t easily jump from.

In either case, have a contender set his pet to follow. Eventually it will end up on the battle platform. Have the arena master place wooden fences as simple barrier. Make Pet #1 stop following. The owner of the arena can then place his pet vs the contender’s pet. Another contender can have his pet follow, and if he walks the correct route, his pet will end up at the other end of the platform behind his respective wooden fences.

Because of pets’ sizes you may need to alter the size or shape of the platform. A simple way to keep them separated on the platform is to delete a row of ceilings so that they’re separated by air. When the arena master completes the walkway again, they’ll go at it.

Time Restrict PvP Building Damage “set to off” – or 24/7 Raid – means your pets and thralls will aggro vs any player or player tame 24/7, unless you also have the other setting enabled. Time-Restrict PvP sets a similar timeframe which overrides PvP settings independently. Check your Settings Menu to be certain: they may be greyed out, but on the Server tab you can see the values. Good luck and have fun!

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