I thought Pet Fighters guarded your bases?

I thought Pet Fighters guarded your bases? If not, what do they guard? Other human thralls maybe?

Someone broke into my base where I kept my pet companions. I figured they would attack anyone blowing holes in the roof, but apparently they just let them waltz around the base destroying stuff. Is this a BUG? Can’t figure out why the prompt says they are guarding if they are really doing nothing.


Once my pets ran to rescue me when Kudo was chasing me - yes, my decorative gazelle was ready to fight too. It seems that now they attack only those who are attacking you.

Or atack one of the guards i Think.

Well, I have had pets attack me if i got too close during pvp hours. They should come with instructions.

If your last post means you’re PVP, then the answer is pets or thralls will do nothing during non-PVP hours.

When you play on an official server, people can waltz right through the open parts of your base and steal everything during non-PVP hours because companions will not fight back. However, during the times when people can bomb you, during PVP hours (Raid Window), your companions should fight back.

Are you Official or Private? PVP with or without Raid Window? What region, US or EU and what timezone?

Yes some do and some dont!

My Ostrich is definately more aggressive than my Wolves or my Sabretooth Tigers.

I’ve definitely seen my pet crocs go after hyenas that wandered too close to our clan’s homes. But this is a fairly recent thing, tbh; previously they’d only attack critters/npcs that were attacking me. Since the last patch or so though, they’ve been readily savaging any furry a-holes that got too close.

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