Does guarding actually do any thing?


So I’m new to this game and I’ve built a little bit of an army, but I’m on a PVE-C server. So during conflict hours some one chased me nearly half way across the island to my base, where I expected my guarding thralls and pets to save me. Well it turns out these players not only killed me three times in my base, but some of my pets while none of them fought back unless they were following.

What is the point of having pets and thralls in a base if they do not defend you even when set to attack everything and set to guard?

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In PvE-C Thralls don’t attack players, but players shouldn’t harm them either. As far as i’m aware of, there was a bug where thralls could attack other thralls, but i don’t know if it was fixed.

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So you’re telling me that I can get beat up and killed in front of my 2 archers and 3 fighter thralls and they will just let me get base camped? You’re telling me that the 5 sabertooths, 6 bears and 4 sand reapers will just let three dudes kill me for 10 min straight, and they won’t lift an extremity to help?

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They would, if it was a full PvP server, but as a PvE-C server they won’t do anything to help you against other players, they serve as protection against purges and other AI dangers, also as company for your adventures, but they are not weapons against players in that kind of server

Honestly, I’m glad I don’t get killed by random guarding pets, but also very upset that some one can be in my base killing me and they are worthless. Like, why on earth do they not even let them save our lives in our own homes…

The thing is, you used to be able to kill 3 players alone without pets and thralls before the mounts patch in Dec 2019. But Funcom doesn’t want to reward skill for some reason. They have changed the combat since that patch in favor for the bigger group of players. Zerging is the META. I suggest to not play alone on servers where other players can grief you like that.

That’s just the thing, I’m playing with two other people and have become friends with over 15 people I’ve met on the server. Overall a very positive official server experience, but out of no where when I’m about to fight a boss in a dungeon three guys roll up and chase us out and kill our already half dead pets. Telling us the pets we have are kill on sight and we should know the rules, and you know what… It’s whatever, but my issue is that we all got chased back to our base while constantly being lanced and ran over. To ultimately run for over 3 minutes back to what we thought was safety… but really wasn’t, it made it even worse…

I totally understood what you were saying.

I only meant, you could’ve avoided that easily last year by just killing these 3 people 1v3 instead of letting them chase you back to your base.

Not that it’s okay, but this is pretty common in a lot of other PvP games. Zerging is a safer way for players to engage with PvP content. I wouldn’t view what Funcom is doing as anything other than trying to make their content more accessible for a larger swath of players.

well if Funcom would enable pets and thralls to protect you from PvP on the PvE-C servers in your own base that would be a huge step in the right direction. I’m honestly not against any of the PvP aspects, just against getting jumped by like 10 people at a time. Games in this genre would probably benefit and grow in player base besides literal hardcore dedicated players if they could find a way to make playing them solo not make people want to commit literal real life suicide…

One small advice, if you go pvp forget the pets fix thralls, a human army.

Are you sure about that? This would also enable other players kill all your pets and thralls at PvP times, even when you are offline. I can already see the complains about that here on the forums :smiley:

It used to be that way, even on PVE servers. I saw more rage quits from someone completely wiping out another players thrall army when that person was offline…I personally never did it, my thing was kiting bosses to their base and watching the boss wipe them out…LOL.

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Really? That was your thing?

Kiting bosses was perhaps the only method to clean abandoned thralls

Efff that. I had an edge-lord kite a boss to my base back on PS4 and kill all my thralls. They weren’t abandoned. I was actively breaking them and outfitting them in matching armor. It was a really sucky experience.

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I like it how the superior numbers are always such bad players that the single player could defeat them if it wasn’t for mounts. In these narratives, skilled players never team up with other skilled players against other players.

The Law of Inverse Ninja Strength apparently used to apply to Conan Exiles players, too, until recently.


Another sucky experience was seeing 50 rhinos, crocodiles, wolves, tigers etc spammed all around an area. Nothing in moderation, just pet and thrall spam central. It was so nice to be able to wipe those messes off of the map.

And then the people complain about s.hitty AI and bad server performance :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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During PvP times on a pve-c server having thrall engage when not following would be nice. I thought when they made pve-c thats what it would be like. A mixture of pve and PvP. I agree the skill of PvP has died since thrall were so strong, but it would be nice to have a bit of protection if you’re alone running from several people to get back to your base and know you will get a little help.