Two pet questions

Hey, I play on official PvP and 'm wondering if pets guard against NPCs outside raid hours? A croc keeps coming in my base and annoying me when I’m doing chores. I want to set up a pet to kill him when he gets near so I don’t have to bother.

If I set this pet to Guard Area or Stand and Defend, will it do so only during raid hours? Or will it fight the croc whenever it gets near? I don’t want to train up a pet just to have it and the croc ignore each other and the croc walk right past it into my door again.

The second question is, if the pet will fight NPCs outside raid hours, will it level up from this? or does it need to be following me to gain experience?


Thralls and Pets will kill any random spawn NPC that comes close to them.
Raid time only effects players and their pets.

Sometimes wolves wonder into my land claim my Sabertooth or my Bear always make short work of them.

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Pets and thralls have to be following you to gain experience on all official servers

Awesome, thanks to you both :pray:

‘Attack all enemies’ option sets the pet to full agressive mode and makes it attack any type of enemy. Putting more pets, standing as a pack is a good idea.

You can improve pet stats (while theyre on guard duty) by feeding them with their favorite food.

Levelling a pet is only available through wandering with your pet and set it to ‘Follow’. Once again ‘Attack all enemies’ works very nice. ‘Guard me’ may cause issue at times. You can see when you try differnt commands.

You should set your pet to ‘Stop’ to order it to stop following you. Pets may climb on resorce nodes etc and pop up pet wheel screen or can take damage from your pick, hatchet etc.

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