Guard need PvP buff!

Guard too much best xhitty 12class in PvP.

Polearm feat need revolution.

agree!? :slight_smile:

No, not even a little bit. Soldier class is allready overpowered in pvp.

Compared to other two tanks guard was nerfed too much and some things should be really changed and fixed. Intimidating Shout and Reflexes.

  • Why conq have two bubbles and guard have only one and second with 35% evade is useless? Duration is 8s so it’s not very long… So give back 75% evade chance or buff it too 90, or… change the duration of this skill from 8s to 14/16 maybe. Polearm need changes in pvp and pve.

  • Intimidating Shout - cooldown is 1 minute and duration is 10 seconds if i remember good so during 10 s we have only like 800 damage and cooldown is 1 minute so it’s joke xD

  • Storm Blade - 6 procs per minute? Another joke, change it to 15 or something. 6 procs is nothing for pvp and pve too.

  • crappy stamina drain, broken riposte combo and bloody vengeance reset our vengeance stacks

Here we are talking about pvp only, in free time i will write a longer post what guard need in pvp and pve.

I’m agre tanks are op in pvp. I mean, the cong and dt, guard doing good but like i said he was nerfed and you have to wavering more than a little with your polearm to be good in pvp. Congs have a high crits also two bubbles, also they crushing your armour. Dt vom op. For me guard should have little fix in tempest tree but we dont need more damage on this class, cong and dt should be little nerfed.

Give guard a bleed combo, nothing crazy, like 6 seconds. Have it deep in the polearm tree so it doesn’t affect PvE too much.

What wouldn’t affect pve at all would be an armor debuff of some sort (maybe on the shout?) but softies without raid finder ring will cry, they are after all in a completely different ball park.

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i’m talking about Guard… not DT not Conq xD

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guard is OP in PvP? have u ever played it lol

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Guard is absolutely the worst in pvp ever since they nerfed PI. It’s a class for flagbots only.

Guards, when played well, are practically immortal while also getting kills. How is that not OP? All three soldier classes are OP in PvP now. That is fact. What do you think a soldier should be able to do in pvp? Rack up top kills as well as being indestructible? The amount of dmg a soldier can take while also dishing out enough dmg to score kills is not balanced imo.

The problem with this argument is that even when a guard goes into frenzy stance they still cant “rack up kills” It’s a joke class in pvp.

can do ZERO dmg if he is not in FRENZY, compare it to conq/dt and read ur answer again

You’re not really supposed to be able to run around in defensive dishing out heavy damage. That’s more of a comment on Conqs and DTs being fundamentally broken rather than any compelling argument towards Guardians being underpowered.


yea,thats why conqs/dts dont do it,but it is neccessary for guard,imo

Guards are fine/ Nerf Dt’s and Conqs


Always found it odd that guard didnt have an anti-healing debuff like mortal strike from wow. That aoe bleed feat would be perfect for it.

You can post your suggestions under my topic. I see we have tree topics about guardian pvp so i think it’s better to have everything under suggestions topic.