Guardian Combo Rotation advice and AA tips

So things have changed a lot and from what I read the best combo rotations have changed also for both Tanking to keep aggro with SS and dps’ing using a pole ( more interested in tanking combos atm )

I thought strijke and guard used to stun / interrupt casting but see it doesnt seem to now, is there something else that does that now or are we just nerfed in that way ?

Also which aa’s should I be focusing on. I have Stall the advance, forced engage and a few others but am missing the one on the pole side that interrupts and sustaining wrath i think it is called on the SS side


I dont recall strike and guard ever doing that but there is a stun called shield strike mby thats the one u think about? now however strike and guard only reduces damage taken.

Get Resolve as fast as possible as its mandatory for some dungeons and raids. Stall the advance is usually the best option for tanking since it gives you alot of burst aggro and survivability. You can also play Counterweight which is a stronger version of overreach but I would go Stall the advance for now. Other essential onces are Pressing Strikes, Precise strikes and Chromatic warding (for when you tank magic-dealing bosses)

Regarding rotation for tanking with sword and shield you can check below


Thank you very much

Things seem so different now

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