Question regrading Tanks and there rotations

Hey I’m having a bit of a class struggle right now between the 3 tanks which one has the easiest time keep aggro and the least complex Rotation thank you for your time and help

Dt has the easiest rotation, you can pretty much do anything and still have good aggro, good choice if you dont wish to learn a class, or the game. Have fun


deetee no easy you just need crits :astonished:

Like everyone else said, if you need a tank char to play just use your Dt, train VOM, and stack crit. ez you don’t even need to know how the class works just use highest rank combos of whatever

Easiest leveling, solo and pvp is conq.
Easiest to keep aggro is DT.
Guard is OK in both but harder to play. They do have an easier time keeping aggro and surviving on some very tough bosses that move a lot and/or hit very hard.