Returning player that maybe wants to tank

I got hungry on AoC again after being away for 5 years, I loved the game back in the days, both as a Necro and a Shaman.

This time I want to be a tank, if there are room for beginner tanks in AoCs end game? I got tanking exp from other games, so I’m probably not a super noob.

Are there any tank classes that are looked “down upon”, and not getting invites to raid and dungeons at lv 80? I’m guessing Conq can respecc as a DPS if my tanking capabilities should fail the standard.

You’re fine with whatever you pick so long as you can learn to play it to a high standard.

All 3 soldiers can, will, and have successfully main tanked all content in the game.

While each soldier has its pros and cons none are bad at tanking and each are most definitely viable.

All 3 tank classes are good and capable of tanking any content in the game.

However, tanks are the classes that need the most gear. Only guardians can get away with okay-ish gear. That’s not really a problem anymore though, as you can get T4 gear pretty quickly thanks to raid finder. Leveling wise, guardian will be the most boring because of low dps. Dt is okay but really shines at lvl80 thanks to a stupidly op perk called Void of Madness.

In terms of dps : guardian < conq < dt
In terms of gear-dependency : guardian < conq < dt

Thank you!

The way you put it, DT seems tempting indeed.

Thank you, probably going for DT (or conq).

Kaleeh touched on gear dependency and I can’t stress enough that you’ll need to be patient if you play either class and want to tank. Both classes have roughly the same gear requirements before they become strong (and it’s a lot of gear) and it’s going to take you a while to gear them out.

If you like tanking and love the class it’s well worth the effort though.