Fresh(ish) conq feeling useless and pointless

I’ve been 80 for a few weeks now, fully decked in t2 gear with a tank(ish) brutespec
mopping up T1 and T2 for fun while preparing for t3.
But i’ve noticed that there is not a single +hate epic in early tier, and everyone hates dps-conqs
to the point where no one wants dps-conqs in Kuth, SG, T3 or any dungeon of any significance.

And with no epic tankgear in sight, combined with no real threatbuilding attack,
a new conqueror with tankspec has no chance in hell to take OR keep the threat
from already geared dps.

During t1 and t2 raids i spam my attacks as much as i can while keeping the
buffs up with Dancing steel , yet depite all that, i end up in the 5 lowest dps
constantly during raids … which makes the class feel even more utterly useless and pointless.

I do get the royal knockback treatment every engagement with the T2 Leviathan boss
which means i’m 2nd highest threat, but this is only during the initial phase where no
dps is allowed to attack the boss.

So what is a brutespec conq suppose to do when they can’t produce enough dps to be viable
and tanking gear isn’t released until late raids !?.


Get yourself in raid finder for t4 gear or start farming Khitai factions for +hate gear Last legion mainly…and to be viable in raid you need to be carnage conq really supper dps when done right

Carnage conq is much harder to find decent weapons for.
And i was told both that dps on weapon is all that matters,
as well as that the secondary hand doesn’t add to damage.
Sofar i’ve yet to see a good 1handed weapon, and Brute tree
gives a ton of abilities for increasing weapondamage further,
which has a greater impact on 2handed weapons.

My soon-to-be Kuth 2hander does WAY more damage than any 1hander,
and then add all those buffs from Brute. How can that even compare to
dualwielding a pair of lowdps butterknives ?.

Show us your actual brute spec

Here - is my current spec.

/edit : fixed link.

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T3 Black Dragon has some pieces with +hate, you can upgrade your T1 and T2 relics to T3 in the reliquary and buy Black Dragon in Conan’s castle.

Ye that’s not going to fly. Each “trade” costs 25silver and a number of previous tier token,
and to be able to wear only a few T3 items, i’ll go pretty much bankrupt for a system
that is flawed and not really thought through.

I’m wondering what went through their mind when they decided to not have any
of the starting raids drop tankgear …

Are you joking :joy: there are loads of decent 1he with the availability of RF you have easy access to t4 …even barb weapons at lower tiers are better for conq than tank swords as Spredicus said Brute tree is mainly for pvp solo all your weapon dmg buff do is buff white hits and combo dmg …where as carnage tree adds sh*t loads of Crit chance and Crit dmg plus bleed affects more off had rating perfect set up would be white tiger right hand vermillion bird left hand both t4 swords! But as a conq still finding his way In the game aim for +gear try getting in a vile nativity group for cape get Last legion armor or a mix of indomitable/ fearless souls t4

I don’t know much about Carnage, but how about this build for dps ?.

no goad is a critical flaw in a tank build.

:joy::joy::joy: yes Cappa goad irritate and engage are no brainers for every tank …for your AA for OP max out improved irritate as well as pressing and decisive and! Elusive and the protection one (forgot its name) and maybe tank in defensive this adds hate aswell

I assume improved frenzy stance over improved defensive stance was a mistake as well. That feat makes a massive difference when you don’t have much gear, and even people with good gear still often squeeze it in their specs.

Maybe something like this for you:
Improved furious inspirations isn’t bad. Your hit rating (and crit damage) is probably not great yet. And it makes the combat res better which is useful.

And you can tank khitai stuff and early raids with t1/t2 raid epics and khitai/culture blues just fine. Yea you’ll probably need a second tank for some fights and maybe 2 healers but it’s how it was originally meant to be done after all, when Khitai first came out. People have just gotten used to massively outgearing the content they do.

And the dpsers playing with you can’t expect to go full out if they have a massive gear advantage, that’s on them not you, they can slow down and use their tools to manage their aggro. Some of them can boost your aggro too.

How to PVE CONQ - #3 by Evito I hope you have checked this thread too, there’s a video with a brute tank rotation that you’ll need to get used to.


The reason why i’m lacking certain tankingskills is because i realized that fresh tanks
doesn’t stand a chance in this game to maintain agro from geared dps,
especially when i hear that even geared tanks got problems keeping agro from
dps like barbarians if they’re buffed by dmgincrease groupbuffs.

So i made that build to give me dps but the survivability from brute,
while my goal is pure damage. I don’t join anything as a tank because i know
with my gear, i won’t be doing anyone any favors by actually TRYING to tank.

So… i’m currently looking into switching to Carnage for dps because
everyone keeps saying it’s better, despite all brutespec’s damagebuffs.

Start forming T1 and T2 raids and endeavour to pull aggression off tanks there. Ignore all of the WBs, SGs, OSs, and RFs until you are proficient and comfortable enough with finishing real T4 raids on your tank.

I’m currently full T2 and only doing T1/T2 for fun. Starting with T3 this week with the guild,
but i’m leaning more towards going Carnage because… fresh tanks doesn’t stand a chance.
So… saving up 4000 mythical for 2 x 1handed weapons.

The problem with that attitude is you kinda just … give up. Conq in T1-T4 will act as a helping hand to DTs, but that doesn’t mean you cannot try and compete. There are some bosses where you can tank stuff here and there.

If the aim is just to dps go roll a barb instead of a soldier imo.


100% this. Reality check still says you’re going to lose aggro to a great DT nearly every time, but it’s way more fun aggro locking the good ones. But it does indeed take a lot of time and effort.


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So… from what i understand from this thread, Carnage is the only way to go for
a conqueror that wasn’t to go dps for raids?.
Isn’t that abit stupid, considering conq Carnage is there overall , to produce dmg
where other classes does it so much better ?.