[CONQ] Early level guide?

Any insight on early levels of CONQ? Namely rotation on brute 2h. 10 to 20ish. Trying to get a feel and it seems like I’m missing something.

There are lots of info regarding lvling conq. Here is one from old forums : http://forums-archive.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?184774-Conqueror-levling-specc-and-advices-needed
Google conq lvling guide, you’re gonna find lots of info. Cheers

I appreciate this, but this just most gives builds and higher level advice. Good stuff, but not what I was referring to.

I was more referencing to skill usage and what “rotations” (if any) for normal use at low levels.

I’m trying to get a feel for it, it just seems like I’m playing it sub-optimally.

2. Retaliation (ability)
3. Drop burning standard (formation/ discipline)
4. Guard of dancing steel + faint attack + other combos (rotation)
5. **** everything. (Fk them all lol)

This kinda sums it up at lvl10-20… I don’t think you can get a better “feeling” at lvl 20

If you really want to learn your character use the time while leveling to read every description of every feat, use them how you think it is best, ans start keybinding important things.
(You will be fine just smashing buttons, but why not use the time to really learn.)

In higher levels or at 80 you should find one, or even better, some conqs who are willing to teach you on voice com. You can not learn everything from reading. When you start to tank most things will become situational.

First, go to the controls and switch the weapon swap command to something you will be comfortable using often. Conk optimization requires both weapon sets, for dps, aggro, and ccs.

Second, always keep your banners and disciplines on cooldown. I recommend fire banner, and then either will of vivification or will of onslaught. Your choice really, i usually go viv. Either way, attacking while these abilities are in effect debuffs whatever you hit.

Always open with Guard of Dancing Steel and a Feint Attack. This gives a retributive shield and a debuff to the enemy and a crit buff to you if you’re using the feats I linked in the other thread.

Assuming you’re still focusing on carnage, go to top rank of bloodbath. After that, use lower ranks of feint attack or top rank of bloody hack as filler til GoDs and Bloodbath come off cooldown. Keep those on cd at all times.

If you’ve got Burst of Aggression feated, which you should for levelling, keep that on cooldown, and if youve got remorseless aggression feated, it should refresh every time you get a kill. So, kb, kill something, kb again. You’ll be able to pull huge groups like that.

So, banner/technique, kb, ret shield, debuff/crit bonus, bleed, then spam spam spam til you can do it again

EDIT: just reread OP and saw it was 2h. Here’s the thing tho: nothing changes, except maybe use Hail of Furious Strikes in place of blood hack. HoFs is an aoe combo with better range. DPS wise they’re both basically filler grade. Don’t rely on HoFs or BH too much.