How to play Conq?

I was told how conq is a pretty solid damage (compared to a DT and guardian at low levels), had good survivability, and were relatively easy to play. So I started playing one and noticed a few things as I started getting a few more levels in. I should note that I bought the beginner gear back at lvl 1 and the intermediate one at 20 and at 10-14 I noticed weapons on the trader were significantly better in every way possible (stats & dps on them) than the ones from the beginner bag so I bought those and again at 18-19. Prior to 10 I was doing just fine. I could take on things that were 15 & 16 without dying or doing anything other than popping a healing potion every so often. For even more specific reference, I was able to kill the lvl 10-11 violent pirates outside the Seadog Mansion & lvl 9-11 filthy pirates outside Genzio’s House for those 2 quests when I was lvl 6 & 7 without any issues. Once I hit like 15 I noticed I was doing significantly less damage to things that were the same level I was having no real issues with. I have been using a 2HB or 2HE because I was told that’s the best way to play conq especially once Feint Attack. What I found around the lvl 15 mark is that my attacks that were once killing things in 2-4 hits were barely, if even, doing 10% of their HP per combo. I’m doing my combos correctly and going for attacks that are unguarded whenever possible but its like I’m hitting them with a wet noodle. I’ve tried changing up the formations and disciplines but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried planting the banner or granting discipline and get the same results. I hit like its nothing. I actually had my first death to the stupid plant monster in the White Sands when I was 16 because I just couldn’t do enough damage before the damage it was doing to me did me in WITH the heal-over-time from a potion on me. What finally made me frustrated to the point of not wanting to play it was how I died SEVERAL times to the Black One boss guy because his HP never went below 10% while I was fighting him even when I was able to kill all of his adds first THEN the run back from the Outlaw Camp the trash leading up to him had already respawned. This is when I had already hit 20 and had the full set of lvl 20 epic gear from the intermediate bag from the shop.

Am I doing something entirely wrong or is this class just really weak hitting?

We’ve come full circle ladies and gentlemen, a exiles-player coming to age of conan forums saying a aoc thread doesnt belong on exiles board

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You’re absolutely right. My over eager mouse double clicked on the wrong link and it was only when I read your comment that I realised! Thank you for pointing that out. I have deleted the comment to save further embarrassment on my part, but also to limit any confusion my post may have created as well.

Although, my original comment regarding paragraphs still stands. :slight_smile:

Haha, no worries, its just funny because most of our activity on this forum nowadays is exile-players who ended up here by mistake. And we get to tell them to head over to exiles.

Just out of curiousity how did u come here, did u google conan mmo forum, or trough navigation from the start of the forum

Brute Physical: Conqueror - Feat Planner - JoharAoC - I spec BoA myself, however it’s only because I know a technique to skip the animation. It’s a pretty difficult technique so might as well just go without it unless you’re really motivated to learn it. (Get Crushing Onslaught for T5+T6 if you dont take BoA)
Carny Physical Tank:
(Personally I never tank in carnage in physical fights since it’s boring and Brute is just more efficient if played properly)

Carny Prot Tank:

Carny DPS:

Brute Prot:

  • Tanking in carnage in protection fight is the most optimal thing to do. However, there are certian fights where you cannot do that, or you can simply just get away with staying in Brute Prot. (Last boss in Chaos, Igneous). Having the bubble on Cetriss is also good.
    AA: Battlefield Commander

Three runes and swap Guard of the Dancing Steel rank depending on which one you use
Arena - GoDS3
Exile - GoDS3
T5 - GoDS4

Try to stay away from HoFS as much as you can, also do not use Rank 6 – it’s terrible. If you need it use rank 5 as a filler. Personally I just go further down on faint atk ranks if I need it. I use like 3 feint attacks mostly but I have two more on alternative hot bars ready for filling. Always spam bloodbath 7 on cooldown. Spam Technique, always. I only use fire banner on Yakh T5 adds, other than that I never touch banner unless it’s crazy AoE pulls.

Priorities: GoDS buff–>Feint atk buff–>BB7 dot–>Breach debuff–>Feint atk9–>whatever dpsy (probably more feint attacks)

This often results in x3 shields on top, however I try to force shields on the sides with bloodbath white hits and opener on the different feint attacks. For example FA9, FA8 and FA5 opener is on right side, FA7 and FA6 hits left side. So depending where shields are you can alternate between FA5-8. If there’s no shields on left side and you do FA6 the opener can crit like 3,5k with good gear and some buffs up.

Copy-pasted what I wrote on my guilds discord some years back. Formatting might be shit, but if it’s any use for you here you go. In lower raids you’re going to struggle against DTs but in higher-end raids like t5+t6 you can actually compete with Tali DTs if you play aggressive enough.

EDIT: Didn’t get all of the links to work for the feat trees so I copy-pasted screenshots instead. Sorry for the mess of a msg.

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But he’s not 80 yet and not doing group content. For levelling he should absolutely go brute and use burst of aggression for the KB, and spam fire banner instead of the technique, it’s scaled in a weird way and does insane damage at lower levels.

Nothing wrong with using healing technique or healing banner either in this context. I would not be scared of using some Hofs ranks for solo play either, if only to splash on things.

Not sure what level he is now, but fire banner at least is unlocked very early on and is one of the reasons conq is so strong and easy for leveling.

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Yea ngl I didn’t even read what lvl it was for. Only higher-end duties and raid setting only as that is when you wanna care about optimizing. When you’re leveling just press buttons and it doesn’t even really matter. Conq is gigabroken while leveling you cannot go wrong

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