PvP conq build. Need hjelp:)

For PvP what is the optimal build for a PvP conq?

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Brute http://joharaoc.eu/feat?link=v16_11661a8461ae761b4c61f346205c61f940cd180cd7b0e1c90d0370d2f00d1c80d5480cf6c0d3540d73c0ce440d28f0cfd00d3b80cde00d4840c7a00d8080d0fc0d610

Carnage http://joharaoc.eu/feat?link=v16_11661a8461b4c61f346205c0c3540c8650d7a20c8cc0c4800c9900c5440c6d40ca580cf080c60e0cabe0cb240cc4c0c3b80d86c0c5a80d09c0cbec0d8cd0c8000c7380ccb0

Cookie Cutter builds but cant really go too wrong with conq class is so strong and there are hardly any bad feats.

conq build can’t go wrong, and still you go quite wrong. ignoring fully feated brute GoDs on conq is a disaster.

no wonder I see so many conqs on low kills in minis, if this is how people spec.

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Lol, I had nearly 20 k kills on my pvp 10 conq when I stopped playing it a year or so back. I have a scrub conq now at pvp 7 and still can top kills most minis. Nothing wrong with this build, heck way back in the day no one would ever use GoDs anyway, I use it usually but you can definitely get away with not using it.

My “cookie cutter” brute spec: https://goo.gl/GaW17f

There are definitely many variants though (heck, Amneru even specs and uses lumbering…), mabbzz is right tbh. Yeah, I wouldn’t go without maxing GoDs either but I’m sure you can still do tons of damage without it if you have a good weapon (which I still don’t for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: ). Just like when I was a beginner and often forgot to keep it running, I was still doing sick damage and getting plenty of kills.

I mean a lot things work, oh well. that crit dmg + hitrating atleast help you hit sins at times.

funny argument, “noone back in the day were using it”, so let’s not use it either.

I dont buy that arguement either, just because it “works/worked” it doesnt mean you cant question it if a better alternative is few clicks away.

But I cant give my opinion on the matter cos i dont know conq in pvp :slight_smile:

I’m use improved TS in my own pvp build, but honestly it is not give you too much advantages for dps. Personally for me long silence is more important.

The difference:

0 points:
Your Guard of Dancing Steel IV hits Straw Man for 108 slashing damage.
Your Guard of Dancing Steel IV crits Straw Man for 183 slashing damage.

3 points:
Your Guard of Dancing Steel IV hits Straw Man for 108 slashing damage.
Your Guard of Dancing Steel IV crits Straw Man for 236 slashing damage.

And it is a proc from your own attacks, the difference on retaliation procs is like 35-40 damage per critical proc.

If u use a crit pot and when all your buffs is up, u can have critrate of GoDs procs around 50%. For example, if u have 10 GoDs procs while you killing a single enemy 1x1, you deal approx. 200 additional damage only for 3 feats in improved TS. Is it really change something, when every second starter deal 1500-2000 damage?

And 10 GoDs procs per kill it is a very high amount, sometimes u can have only 1 or 3 procs depending on the situation. GoDs procs for output damage is limited by 20 procs per minute for example. It works on 30% of your output hits. It means that every 3rd time you hit an enemy for a 1000-3000 damage u have 50% chance to deal 50 more damage from improved TS.

One of the last pvp premade we had a voice command in TS that we must never touch an enemy conq. In prems conq is the last target allways. It means that he loses most of his GoDs retaliation procs.

So I’m not sure that it is imbalance or “must have” 3 featpoints.

https://goo.gl/xZmrao if u dont like retalation but its better to spec GoDS buff
smth like that https://goo.gl/217DEM

I’d use this as a starter spec: https://goo.gl/NkwCfL

Impervious Defense is better than the same 2 points in Iron Skin, and Improved Throat Slash is a must-have, both for the silence cc and the extra dps from GoDS, which is your primary source of damage.

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No imperious defence it not better i meaured it on my gear and in particular you miss vulcanic rage just beeing 2 pts away.

It is at least with PvP T3 armour, but it might be worse with T1, sure. About Volcanic Rage… too many points to spend to get it when Improved Furious Inspiration is such a good feat (+hit and crit dmg ratings, better ress).

As a matter of interest, does the “Retaliation” ability actually work in PvP?.. thanks.

It does, but it does very little damage compared to PvE. At 5/5 every tick is 175 damage.

Ok, many thanks for taking the time to reply Patoson.