A bit of a weird request, but I need a demonstration

Of the Bloodbath supplied by the skill book. A gif or a video showing off the combo. I’m curious how much more expanded the animation will be.

Google “Age of conan - conqueror dps test” and pick the first hit youtube Video to see the combo in Action.

Man, that combo UPG looks pretty damn disappointing. Thought it would be flashier D:
Oh well, thanks for the help.

It does 3 finisher hits instead of 6, but for more damage, and the dot does more damage as well.

That was not the point of this thread. I honestly couldn’t care less about what is the amount of hits. I prioritise appearance over stats right now. Considering the combo looks disappointing, I will delay buying it till I get epic wolf set and tamarin before I actually bother buying it. Unless I get lucky in abyss

Didn’t you get your answer already above? I was just adding more information. And, yeah, if you only play conq as dps, of course you do not care about stats. If you ever decide to be a useful player, you should reconsider.


If you want to insult me go elsewhere.

If you tried to help you wouldn’t start talking about stats which weren’t even what I asked for.

I’m actually trying to help you, by telling you that, if you intend to do more content after you’ve done with farming Pillars, you should learn how to tank, because it will be very hard to be invited to a group or raid as a “dps conq”. When you play solo or PvP, sure you can play however you want - I use T4 conq 2he in PvP instead of a better weapon just because I love its design - but for group PvE you have to min-max and make the most out of your class, unless you enjoy wiping.


Ah, but who doesn’t love a dps conq or dps dt :wink:

I run other content without a problem. Pillars is only when I am able to make a group. The only ones who never invite me turn out in the end to have no xp themselves and fail hard. As for raids, I can’t do those due to timing of when they are ran. And I honestly don’t mind not doing them atm.
I have played so many different dungeons so far that I can clearly tell you no one gives a damn if you’re a soldier dps. No offense but if you have simple minded type of thinking and you want to push your own opinions on to people I honestly don’t give a damn what you think or believe.

The thing with wiping is centered around experience and overall skills, not if you have a single dps conq in your group. I don’t know where you got this stupid idea from but if you get wiped from having a single dps conq or dt in your raid then you have a garbage team simple as.

Unless it’s a new player, people don’t give a damn as long as you’re experienced and know how to do your job. I have done like 30+ chaos runs with randoms and they didn’t give a damn. To the contrary, an extra conq is what they were always glad about.

Dps conq isn’t only about dps, it’s also about buffing and healing. It’s a complicated job but I enjoy it. Sure it’s not ultra heal or ultra buff, but it can be game changing often. Especially with BFC

With all due respect, most people actually do frown upon a dps conq/dt. There are some 6 mans/raid bosses where a dps soldier is ok, but the vast majority of higher end content requires a soldier class to actually be spec’d for a tank role. I know this because of 10+ years playing AoC at a top level, leading hundreds of raids defeating the hardest content in the game. This isn’t WoW where you have 2 tanks in a raid, and the other 18+ are healers/dps.


From your experience yes, from my own and that of other Conqs, my case still stands. Quite a few conqs I know would easily run conq dps if not for the fact they find dps conqs boring for their own reasons. Only elitists find conqs non viable as dps role which I find hilarious. Sure this is not wow or any other MMO, but neither does it say anywhere soldiers are tank only classes. To the contrary, the only class i see only as a tank is the guardian. Even polearms don’t impress.
While I don’t run all content in the game, it’s not like I don’t run any end game at all. Sure not an awful lot, but that’s because I get more interesting stuff to do from stuff around t3-4 than that of higher. Not that I see much of even higher content being ran either way.

As for pvp since it was mentioned earlier. That garbage is not even worth visiting. Sure I can take half health of a t6, but it’s more of a farming ground for t6 overflowed by spellcasters

If you want to buff your team, play Guard. Conq’s only buff is the Heroic Call banner and the passive, minor versions, buffs from your discipline and formation. Guard has two buffs he can use a lot more often that do buff melees way better than conq.


Playing a successful DPS soldier and being carried through dungeons are two different things… that has to be kept in mind. Why? Because lots of DPS soldiers I invited to my groups over the years didn’t even manage to get into the top 3 in the parser… some DPS Conqs didn’t even manage to outperform the brute Conq that was tanking…

Anyways… the combo is a nice upgrade (for DPS) though getting epic gear has higher priority in most cases. 200 rares can be a lot sometimes but since there is also the chance of having the book as a drop from the box loweres the priority even more in my opinion.

Ah, I understand then. Personal experience does play a major role in whether someone is frowned upon or not. I understand why the hate then. I was close a month or 2 ago in t2 armor in outdpsing a mage in t4 (that 2k damage tho) and outdpsed a t3 by 10k or so. Sadly I don’t have any other references since the main dps and host had the dps window pop up, so sadly I can’t watch that. Unless you know a place I can get it? Would appreciate that a lot.
Thanks to the guide I found, I can do a lot of stuff. Sure I don’t do assassin class of dps but my AoE dmg and survivability gives me a lot of freedom. Sometimes varying by circumstances more than mages.

Yeah like I said, I was trying to decide whether to prioritise gear or combo based on how badass the UPG looked. Since that’s not the case anymore I’m back to wolf and tamarin grind. It should be bad conq dpses getting the hate not all conq dpses

You didn’t listen did you? Nvm, it seems you only care about your own opinion and disregard what I say either way.

Yeah, personal experience has a huge factor, I had lots of groups where DPS soldiers messed up the runs due to not doing enough DPS or grabbing aggro and constantly dying due to non existing hate decrease (and therefore doing almost no DPS too since they were dead most of the time), that’s why I personally try to avoid DPS soldiers in my groups though I invite them if I can’t find other classes for DPS. What was especially annoying, these players didn’t contribute a lot / anything and still rolled on BOTH tank and DPS gear (conqs rolling on barb or even assassin gear, DTs rolling on healrating items, all that while also rolling on all the tank items). That’s what I meant by “being carried through dungeons”.

I don’t know where people get DPS parsers these days, I got a very old one that I downloaded from some guild site back then, I guess someone can give you an up-to-date link with a new parser program.
Also, since you try to exclusively play DPS conq I would try to get the DPS set (tigers set) first since that way you contribute more to the group, having mostly tanky gear as DPS soldier (or any other class) isn’t really useful in most cases, the DPS you could contribute are way more valuable than 1000 additional HP and armor for yourself.

Already have 3 tiger pieces so I am doing fine on that front. Not buying more since I have t4 heavy in main slots, chest, legs and head. So now I am mostly vanity hunting.
Will probably move on to grinding t4 weps. The only time I roll need on tank gear is when I have to get blue gear for vanity like the wolf set tier 1-3. Otherwise heavy only. You probably had garbage dps conq Cuz they weren’t wearing heavy gear. Would make a lot of sense. Those that ran with me before realised that conqs are viable and we’re seriously surprised at how badass i did.

I will ask around guild for dps parser

Hey… MT dt counts as dps too :heart_eyes:

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