Are DT still great tanks with VOM?

Something doesn’t add up with your posts. You are tanking longer than Moriala (probably the best guard in this game) while mostly playing PvP and not caring about most PvE raid tiers.
Just stop already.

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You guys are really cheering each other too much. :wink: If only you could let us have a clean pvp environment and let down this pve to pvp lobby garbage for good (my only wish in this game), don’t tell me your “like both pve and pvp” hardcore pve raiders would stop raiding as we can clearly see their positions.

and how is a discussion about guardians pve threatgeneration gonna hurt your pvp intentions exactly?

Might want to to add a pve tag and change the thread title to guardian pve hate discussion and there is little chance i would have opened it in the first place. Peace out.

Here is a question, can any of the soldier classes get into raids as either tank or DPS, I know the Conq use to be able to DPS well.

all soldiers can tank.
guard is not so viable as a dps. better roll a real dps class !
and to be honnest dps soldiers are not often welcome in raids.


Guardian can do the same dps as dpser or sometimes better but everything depends on roles on this game. If you roll tank you should be tank not a dpser.

Got it…

"Guard " and “dps” in PvE are incompatible. Period. You can go dps with a polearm as much as you want, you will still be useless.

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Useless like rest tanks on dps, lol xD

As others have stated a conq or DT can deal out a lot of damage compared to guard. But whether you can get into a raid as a dps conq/DT really depends upon the raid leader and what raid they are running. For example: if they only need two tanks to deal with keeping boss aggro and then they would be ok with the rest of the tanks being dps focussed.
As I understand it a carnage conq will have a slightly easier time going d p s without pulling aggro from other tanks than a dps DT.

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Of course to join a group or raid as a tank you are supposed to be ready to tank, but my point is that, if the situation permits it, as a dt you can dps in the same tanking spec and as a conq you do alright in brute but can change spec to do decent dps, but as a guard you will just do poor dps even in polearm spec. Unfortunately guards are just meant to tank. To put it differently, if one of the tanks in a raid can go dps, it’s not going to be the guard.

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“Useless like rest tanks on dps, lol xD”

Oh, ok I was going off of videos over the last 2 years and the DT in a lot of the videos were they had a parser running was out DPS’ing some of the dpser’s in the group or raid.

I watched one were they were complaining in guild chat how high the DPS was on the non guildy in the raid and the raid leader said even a person that does not know how to dps on a DT can pull high numbers. So it just made me think that if they do that kind of DPS then they would be great for groups and raids because not only are they out dpsing some of the others, they also have high survivability over the DPS classes and if the tank goes down can grab that spot.

Sounds like a duel is needed to rssolve this once and for all … i would like to attend … should be great to watch … and 10G on Mori

Actually not a bad idea hot-ice, it would be nice to see a video of all 3 tanks in the best gear for their tank build hitting a target dummy and after 5 minutes see who really does parse the highest DPS. Because it all depends on who you ask.

A lot of conqs say they do when you ask them, but more people who don’t play the DT say it is the DT. I had a DT that wears cloth and in non tank build said he is top of the parse 90% of the time.

Because in most encounters under T5, including RF and WB, mobs and bosses have barely any protection, so DT’s have the best aggro and higher dps, so do casters in terms of dps.