Raid finder has destroyed this game

They don’t have to delete it (even though I wish they did), they can just make it NOT so stupidly rewarding for 0 effort. No more shards and free t4 in other words (at the minimum, it’s not cool to kill t3 either but there is still the thoth cloak and t3 crafting to justify going there sometimes…).

What’s wrong with RF is that it’s so much more rewarding than much harder content. And it’s absolutely not acceptable that it is the only way of getting the best rings in the game.

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Let me understand, your guild refused to take you in T3 before the RF and afterwards not?
That is, before the RF you were not able to gear yourself T1-2-Khitai and after the RF you became a living legend of AoC? What are you talking about?
Either you were geared social tortage or maybe you should change guild.

Did the RFs teach you the T3 and the T4? Excellent, that is the purpose of the RF, to teach, not to gear up people, here we talk about removing the relic 3 and 4 not to delete the RF.

Still nobody suggests deleting the rings but adding the shard to buy them in other instances or other raids or PvP, why not? So every person is free to choose what and where to play to get them!!!

What you do not understand, what Funcom does not understand, is that all those people here, that make suggestions about nerf or change the RF, they are all people who loved, lived and continue to love this wonderful game and want for it the better and do not see him die, killed by laziness and greed of the same players!


You just said yourself the rings are a part of the game (to the point where if you dont have them you can’t compete), then you tell people after they dont have to do RF?

People compete just fine without them


aint nobody got time for all that bro. Easy there

I did learn the basic strats yes and even acquired some nifty pve gear alot easier than grinding a tier 4 raid for weeks on end and maybe getting a piece of loot if i’m extremely lucky. Aside from the fact that most guilds wouldn’t let newcomers raid tier 3 and up without a full khitai set at the least. So by your logic instead I should be pigeonholed into doing khitai content because you view it as a “required stepping stone” to the path of pve glory? pfft I’ve done my time in the pve 6 mans and t1-2 raids etc. I’m not keen to grind it all again for months just so I can run t3 content thats years old and relatively easy to do.

I agree

Don’t know what you mean by this. I love the game just as much if not more than most of you.

Well, as pvp player, which don’t have time for pve and not interested in that RF it is only one and the easiest way to get the best rings for pvp… A lot of players here have written to delete Atlantean shards from rf and make it for dungeouns cos they think about themselves and about their pve… Your idea with chance to get atlantean shards by any pvp things much better, becouse with that, rf’s rewards really can be nerfed and here pve and pvp players will get what they want. I hate to do rf but need cos of that rings… Look like funcom starts think about pvp players so it will be great to give us another way to get atlantean shards :slight_smile:


Exactly. As another pvper who spends at least 90% of his time pvping I don’t have time to run tier 1, 2 raids and khitan 6 mans just to be deemed eligible to run t3 and above content with guildies. I created my latest toon on saga of zath and was thrust into Crom afterwards. I spent weeks tryign to gear out in khitain crap and t3/4 gear and finally did it thanks largely to rf. Then suddenly i was permitted to run higher content raids and 6 mans like slithering chaos.

My ultimate goal being the acquisition of a t3.5 or higher weapon for my toon so I could be more competitive in pvp. Sad that I would have to even do that tbh.

It would have taken much more time if I had to do it all the old fashioned way. A route I have already traversed in a previous life anyway.

Funcom added Rf to reduce the grind required to be competitive in pve much the same way they added bori for you guys so you could gain pvp gear without having to kill anyone. The grind is what kills this game and many other games. not new routes for casual gamers to succeed.

But again I support adding shards to other content and I’m sure funcom has plans to do so.

I don’t support deletion of RF


but we must stop lying here and ourselves. Either you’ve never really entered a raid or those you use are excuses and this story must end!!!
I am pretty sure NO ONE, also with bad luck, can geared fastest in RF where you can gain one pair of relic sometime, respect the true T4 where drops:
22 relic (secure for everyone)
7 urns (15 relics each one)
12 little armor items (every items mean you dont need spent 40 relics and 7 golds)
5 rare
5 weapons (every weapon mean you dont need spent between 120 and 240 relics and 1-2 rares)
2 rings (every ring cost 1 rare, 60 relics and 10 golds)
1 neck (cost 1 rare, 100 relics, 10 gods)
1 cape (cost 1 rare, 100 relics, 10 golds)
and 2 beautifull mounts, 1 tiger and 1 wolf

Total cost for be full T4 = 1000 relics 8 rares and 130 golds.
I have not kept, of course, in the total about cape (WB), extra ring (RF ring) and neck (Arena) otherwise the price goes up to 1260 relics, 11 rares and 160 golds.

And bad luck work only when you are in PUG with people everytime are different.
You told us you are in guild where this problem there isnt. Also if your guild not use DKP, you are … dunno … for example one barbarian, one raid drop boots, you lose them because you are unlucky, next time them drop, boots are automatically your, other barbarian have them!!!
So please, RF is just one endless Korean, even give you benefit in do it fast, only benefit is that you can be geared without can play and thats all the true!!!

Lol, you will actually gear up faster in T4 gear by doing the T4 raid, not spamming Raid Finder.

The most efficient way of gearing you can do is to do Raid Finder once a week, then do T4+ raids the rest of the week.

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You can believe what you want dude RF worked great for me. Didn’t have to run any t1 or t2 crap raid either because who t f wants to run that ancient garbage anyway? not I.

I never spammed raid finder I ran it once a week and it worked out well. Maybe you should go reread my post. As i said My guild would not let me raid with them in t3+ content until I had minimum gear and running t1-2 was not really in the cards because It’s content I don’t care for. Plus I don’t raid t4 every week like you probably do. Again L2Read bro.

I haven’t raided T4 in years as it’s 6 year old content.

I don’t even really care to raid at all. and I hardly ever do.

Do you see the destruction of the content and the progress of which I speak, in YOUR same words? Do you understand the hate for the RF where come from?
Do not worry you are not alone, even new players, who have never seen that content (even if they would need to learn) lose it, their atmosphere, the plot behind, and especially they dont know how play their character with this mind!!!

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no I don’t. RF allows people to run the content they want to run. not the content YOu want them to run.

who cares? they arent missing anything but if you must know EOs runs t1 and t2 raids still so rest easy bro. It’s not the end of the world for your precious 10 year old raid content .

have you played wow ever? there is content older than that that nobody plays. New content comes out. Older stuff is forgotten about. It is the way of mmos. funcom is learning to adapt to the future while you are desperately clinging to a hopeless past.

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But it is still one excuse of who dont know how play!
You dont need really “run any t1 or t2 crap raid” also if one full sweep, with relic bonus, pratically gear up you full, Khitai faction is enough you need for enter directly in T4 and T4 is all you need for the T6.
you spit on old content, you dressed T4 in RF, big business.
Where is your T6 gear now? Because you learned to play there and you did progress in content not old and crap, right???

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Oh stop already. Do you think Bori taught players how to pvp? But I bet you still did it didn’t you?

Let it go bro seriously.

Gear that takes awhile to gather by normal methods.

I don’t raid as I said. And I certainly have no desire to obtain tier 6 gear because it’s useless in pvp unless of course you’re a sin which i’m not :wink:

As of now i run Rf once on mondays to get shards and that’s about all the pve I can handle. any more than that and I start to fall asleep at the wheel :sleeping:

I think its not totally black and white. Without RF this game would be dead as well since new players needed, fresh blood since old ones left. And for those easy acess and fast ramp up is the idea. And dont worry there is way out… I started RF and now tanking all the way up with 2 tank classes in T6. The question must just be how to motivate more ppl to leave the convinience zone after first easy access…

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I agree new content arrives, people make new content, they know the old man.
It does not seem to me that in WoW Blizzard you introduce FAKE CONTENT that rewards as much as the real one.
The RF should have a proper and dedicated drop, I mean, a set T2 with skin recolored and maybe updated (critigation and heal rating) so the veterans have a new vanity and the new players a gear with which to start.
Problems of RF is that they drop gear that you already find in other content, This creates a conflict that empties the original content that gave T4!!!


If be honest, all pvp players will disagree with pve players which want delete reward as atlantean shards from rf because another way about doing pve dungeouns much annoying for pvp players… Give us same op rings in pvp and all pvp players will give a f**k on rf and all about it. Pve players always don’t like smthing but they don’t need to do pvp to be good at pve…we need to do pve to be good in pvp. Isn’t honest, right? But didn’t see any topics with wines about that :smiley:


Maybe lower the standards on newcomers entering the new content instead of acting like pve elitist a-holes (not accusing anyone here of that) . Plenty of folks like that coughtmancough

I never actually got any gear drops in rf only tokens and even then the number wasn’t that much. So I don’t understand your gripe here.

it’s the same thing, an item or the relic to buy an items, we always talk about the same thing, they do not drop specific relic RF for RF gear, they drop relic IV, but relic IV are already in T4 this make a conflict

I wrote this just a couple of posts above, add shards to real raids and PvP so each person chooses where and what to play to get the ring :wink:

I never farmed Bori in my life if not when there were realy PvP to do with enemy around, because i like open-pvp; i was on Rage server a lot of years ago and i am excited for Saga of Blood coming!!!