Raid finder has destroyed this game


Plain and simple.

I recently started a new character, and while the raid finder is a great idea on paper there are issues.

On a PvE server the only thing people do now is RF. I spent an entire day (not exaggerating) just trying to get a godslayer RoF or Coppice or any k6 for that matter.

Everyone flocks to the RF because its easy tokens. t3 and t4 tokens for half assing ? Pitiful. Players in full t4 that never stepped foot in it :confused: I know we are at t6 and it just helps players get gear for the current end of things but it also pushes many new players back. Can you imagine having full t3 or t4 then (and when) a t3 sweep is up half of them don’t know the mechanics?

You can make a group finder for 24man raids but not 6mans?

From a new character persepective, even the community says it, hit 80, go to raid finder and spam it for tokens! then when you get full t4 from afking the raid finder your first taste of true pve will be t5-t6 and you wont have a clue.

Godslayers used to be abundant on pve servers, unless you have a dedicated team you wont be pugging one!

Funcom, i’m not saying remove it because the uproar would be insane, I’m simply asking to add more instances to it. Keep the weekly raid, thats fine, but also give us the option for 6 man groups. Right now the only thing that gets spammed in global is chaos or que raid finder. With the wealth of great pve dungeons AoC has to offer help the community actually PLAY these dungeons.

Thanks - concerned vet.


Raid finder serves a purpose like it or not.

The reason most people cant or wont do t5 and 6 is because it’s too hard. Not everyone wants to devote countless hours in progression raids anymore. Tier 4 is hard enough for most guilds. even guilds that raid regularly find themselves struggling with it. t5 and 6 is reserved for the select few who won’t allow newcomers into their ranks to learn anyway so who cares?

Just do what I did when pve got on my last nerve. focus on PVP


True. Raidfinder destroyed khitai HM’s and faction. This should be changed, don’t let people to gear up for T4 without spent a half hour in real T4 raid… Raid finder should drop rare relics NOT T4 and T3. I remember my flame with T4 geared cong. He was not able to tank anything, he has gear but he has no exp on his class and mechanics. We should create a vote for that change, don’t ruin the game Funcom, listen us please.

Khitai, the biggest expansion but no one doing anything on Khitai because we have RF.


I never mentioned the removal of it, just enhance it.

i realize people don’t want to invest in progression, and thats fine hence why the addition of a 6man group finder would be welcomed.


T4 is hard? So give us the nubbish RF, yes… Where people learning thier classes? By doing raids, hm’s, by wiping a lot of times.


People are not able to do T2, T3, T3,5 and let them gear up full T4 NICE IDEA LOL


Not everyone is a pve fanatic I guess bro. I wouldn’t even do Rf if not for the shards to get those pvp rings and associated gems. t4 isn’t hard for me as I roll through most content I contend with, but it’s hard for lots of people apparently.


i’d went fury if wanted to focus on PvP, also why i mentioned “on crom”


You are old player so i think you played before RF releases ao you have exp on your class and you know mechanics of the game. But where new people can gain exp? Not in rf, believe me. People not learning by rf and gearing up.


Don’t bother, funcom’s lack of attention to the issues surrounding pvp for years has led to the decline and ultimate death of the pvp server. But there’s still pvp on Crom

Are you going to lead some low end pve content to gear up new players ? Run some tier 1, 2, and 3, raids and pug them out. Report back with results.

Everyone is quick to complain about this or that but no one really wants to do anything about it. :thinking:


‘Raid finder has destroyed this game’. It’s true, we can still talk but every player can say the same and this should be changed. That’s all.


RF rings are not pvp rings. You are talking about focus on pvp but you are still doing PvE because this is easiest way to have best in game rings.


It’s not my fault the best pvp/pve rings in the game are raid finder rings. It’s called adaptation. It isn’t about them being easy to get either because it takes a long time. I had the pvp rings well before I upgraded to rf rings.

you bring up a good point though. I am a player that wishes to focus on pvp but I am forced to participate in pve to obtain the best gear for pvp. Why is that?:thinking:

Oh right because they never added negative pvp stats to two of those rings thus making them the most powerful rings in the game for both pve and pvp. Same reason tier 5 weaponry and tier 3 crafted epics are strong in pvp. Not enough negative pvp stats to compensate.

I didn’t make the game I just play it.


I know it’s not your fault. It takes a long time… of doing what? For me RF is not challenge. It’s just farming simulator.


I think Raid Finder should be removed. Even when guilds are trying to fill raids from global players would rather stand half AFK in a Raid Finder and no one even really does T3 and lower raids. Make T1 and up viable again. Have every raid boss drop a % of Atlantean shards. The higher the raid the higher the %. Yes, this would slow down gearing 50 alts out by standing half afk in Raid Finder but people will actually learn how to play that 5th or 10th alt.

So tired of asking for Exp. people for a raid and you see oh yes they have gear but they are clueless how to even play (Raid Finder toon).


Just add shards to the tier raids. There is no option to get the shards for rings or gems except through RF.

Tier 1: add 3 shards per boss to the loot table (autoloot per player)

Tier 2: add 6 shards

Tier 3: add 9 shards

Tier 4: add 12

Tier 5: add 15

Tier 6: add 18

That would give players 72 shards for doing a full t6 clear, which is what subscribers get from the weekly purple RF box

or more shards.

I’ve been playing the game since a few months after it started. As it stands right now, all of my mains are full t4 weapons (conq and DT not full t4 armor sets yet, working on it) so I’d take alts to raids if I see a pug or guild raid. I don’t want to do any more faction quests or khitai sixmans except for Chaos to get gems. After spending a lot of time getting factioned on my main bear, Anubium, then turning around and liking the t4 set better, I just don’t want to run a bunch of alts through sixmans again.

I can watch TV, read a book or even do work from home and sign up for RF. While signed up I can watch for raids in t1 on up and then go if I have the time and inclination.

RF gives me something to do while not raiding with guild or looking for pugs. It keeps up my interest in the game. I don’t do world boss anymore except for characters which are new (thanks to saga) and need a cloak yet and I usually get one 3.5 equivalent piece a month via world boss from the purple boxes. But I certainly don’t take all my characters through world boss and rarely farm it (except if I have a new blue character).

RF is the only way to get the rings and gems. Fix that and you might see less people doing it. It isn’t like you get a guarantee on anything but 15 silver to go back and ‘farm’ raid finder anyway


As suggested, add shards to regular raids. In addition, T4 relics and Dragon Tears need to be removed.


Nah I feel like this attack on raid finder is an attack on the pvp side of the game. those of us who prefer pvp prefer the raid finder system as is.

Removing it would prevent us from participating and gearing out for pve.



If you think like that, PvPers shouldn’t complain about PvEers getting their PvP gear from Bori farming.
Both systems are crappy design which killed off a big part of the game.


Bori farm all you want bro