Nerf Dark Templar

I have done way over 1k minigames on DT and of course I think this is one of the most OP classes in this game (as you can see I can only speak about PVP here, but I think PVE wise must be the same).

I have some suggestions to tweak this class. I really think this is needed. DT is the only soldier that can stay in def stance and top kill minigames- that can’t be intended. What do you think about my suggestions?

  • Change VOM to a cast (1s) that lasts for 20 seconds and can be recast after 40 seconds.
  • Def stance gives debuff of -10% magic damage. Frenzy stance gives +10% magic damage.
  • Both nerf’s together!
  • Dark Templar is fine as it is now!

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for information frenzy stance originally had +40% spell damage and was removed because guardian ability reckoning was too easy burst in frenzy but it also kinda killed the use of One Last Push for conqueror originally doing 5k+ crits. Frenzy was never nerfed for DTs purpose as far as i know, but nowadays it’s more useful to stay in neutral stance for them if you want to remove the damage reduction from defensive stance without any drawback.

Not all DT are insanely OP. There are a few good players, as these are for each class

Sorry I don’t agree. DT is one of the few classes I can honestly say I don’t fear in a game. They’re so slow and easily cc’d and kited it’s not even funny. Conq on the other hand…

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What does that mean “they are so slow?” I mean… ofc I know I am talking to someone who played this class a lot but I don’t understand that to be honest. I can compare my DT to ranger, BS, POM and guard- these are the classes I played a while in minigames. I feel much slower on BS or on POM. I actually feel fast on DT because your combos (1h) are faster…

I even think DT has the highest survivability of all soldiers, because you simply don’t need to switch stance to dish out dmg and ofc you have a lot of life leech. If a DT doesn’t need to carry flag, it’s just a perfect backline harasser, hard to kill and insane dmg.

This is one more poll that surprises me a lot^^

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The are slow indeed. Ranger and guard have speed buffs and bs gets more energy if feared.

Dt has nothing to counter snare and root except 1 anti cc. Guard has much higher resistances to share and root, as do conqs

Also, dt has no real bubble

A DT doesn’t need a bubble, we have seal of chaos and insane life leech :wink: A DT can also increase his energy and the combos of DT is much faster than guard/BS.

Any class can be OP in these pug minis with the current player base, hell, you can farm some of these guys on a sword and board guard they are that bad. DT is definitely not as much of a threat as a few years ago like with the conq they were insanely OP, now if you wanna go max kills every match rogue is the easiest way to do it.

Dt can increase energy? How?

Rite of Blood

That gives stamina, doesn’t it?

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I feel like it’s more OP and braindead in pve than pvp to be honest (although there are some non tali friendly encounters).

I mean 1h range is a pain in pvp and if more people knew how to kite it wouldn’t look nearly as OP. Also, having more rogues using FH to remove vom (IIRC it removes it for 10s which is an eternity in pvp) would go a long way.

But hey, I think that’s asking a little too much with the playerbase we have nowadays.

Oh yea and if the RF/SC tank rings had a proper pvp debuff the crit rating wouldn’t be nearly as stupid as it is now, that would help a bit too considering how much crit chance matters on DT.

It does … and a really small ammount of sprint energy - but you are right, it’s nothing of real value :wink:

They already nerfed DTs on TL a few years back and they were still outrageously OP. It all got reverted because all the trashbag DTs got scared and whined on the forums about it, with some hilariously childish tantrums thrown.

Funcom were too scared to go through with it when they had a reasonable developer, I’m giving it a 0.000000000001% chance of happening now.

If anything funcom always listened to the vocal tantrum of the dedicated raiding pve kids, raid gear escalation, dt ascencion due to raid gear escalation, pvp abortion, exploit and programs hypocrisy are only the logical resultant of funcom politic with the community since a decade. Game is now old with 1 pve server left and funcom is only interested with quick low cost cash grabs for aoc, balance is the last of their interest and 7% crit rating potions that can’t be earned in-game gotta be sold in the cash shop so the Dt crit dependant vom nerf isn’t in their current political interest.

I agree that dt is kinda op in most minigames. I got a pvp 10 dt that i almost never play anymore because u can basicly spam whatever combo u want in def stance and still do insane dmg, of course there are some minigames where u cant do that much on a dt but they are far between. Decreasing dmg in def stance / normal stance would be the easiest way to go but i would also like a revamp of vom and the other AAs expecially scarab knight to give people some more options.

for starters def stance only gives -10% damage modifier, and not the -10% magic damage modifier aswell. (the former does not affect the ladder, and should be called physical damage modifier or something)

in effect def stance only gives around -5% to the total damage output of a dt (if we were to say half and half of a dts damage is physical / magical)

not that this would be a fix of an obvious problem (both pvp and pve), but its a part of why DTs roll so hard in def stance


I wonder how 70% of the voters come to the conclusion that the DT is fine as it is.

It’s a tank that easily solo tanks most bosses in DPS spec WHILE dishing out more DPS than all the damage dealer classes WHILE healing himself like crazy (on certain bosses totally easy to outheal healers).
How that is “Ok” is beyond me, obviously Funcom should have toned that class down long ago, but as Evito already said, there were a lot of tears in the testlive forums and Funcom backed up letting the DT be overpowered like it is nowdays.
I consider myself a pure noob DT because I never really play tanks and just created mine because a tank was needed but even with my low experience I can easily manage to solo tank a lot of bosses while contributing the best DPS and making grabbing aggro for other tanks a hellish job (that got better gear and are normally better experienced with playing tanks than me), all that just because I can spam 3 combos and 2 spells in tali spec.

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To sum it up why people are in favor of it? it´s like diablo 3 or something. a game where you really feel the impact of your gear pieces. a game where you come to a certain point when your character skyrockets and suddenly becomes able to do what you dreamt of. maybe DT gives this sensation, which AoC has always been without.

Devs never understood to put proper PvP penalty bonuses on PvE gear and let players feel their progression much more vividly. They were always so conservative in their AA trees and feat trees (well apart from VoM, ofc)

People want to play something strong, and maybe they should have let other classes and gear be as strong as its like with the DT. But without the resources DT has been left like this for way too long.

ofc, I voted to nerf DT, because what I just described isn´t AoC.

Skillcurve of the DT aside, the DT is overtuned like crazy right now in PvE with all the added gear lately. (tali tanking was ok back before t4 gear, when you had to give up a whole lot of mitigation with a tiger chest if you wanted crit from the chest slot, and weaker gear pieces elsewhere, making it a much more risky affair)
PvP depends on which setting.

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