Dark Templar DMC Passive Grinding

Merry Christmas !!! Its really long time since I posted something.
This time I am giving away my DT DMC grinding build.
Are you hardcore enough to understand the true magical warrior?

You probably need to use pots if you only have x2 silver twilight, I was using x3 in the video. If it doesn’t work…please try to use combos :stuck_out_tongue:

Feat: 11f61a8461c7861ae861b4c61bae61c1261da26212411174113001168811cc6111d411df211d8e114f411e54115581230411c0011d2c123d012624126881194411f1c113c8


Nice :slight_smile:
Could you share a screenshot of the damage parser? Am interested in how much damage is generated from the anticipation and counter strike feats from general tree.

I was called mad for running Sanguine and Unwilling back in the day…

Nothing’s changed! T4 wasn’t even a thing…

Forgive me for asking, but there used to be retrib damage, but on Conq’s or Guards and it used to kick a bit of butt against trash. And nothing more. What’s the diff’ here aside from T6 perks? Did the skills I allude to, can’t remember the name of, get nerfed? Might have been an ability needing activation compared to this.

Most of the retributive damage got nerfed (it’s not terribly fun gameplay after all) and some simply did not get scaled with the rising amount of hp. For example the retributive damage from def stance, in general tree, is way too tiny to do much of anything now. But in 1.04… yea it really did something. I think the numbers we have now are probably the same they used to be in 1.04 which is why it’s irrelevant now.

Cunning, Stall the advance and Conq’s retaliation had some glory days also, both in pve and pvp. But those require activation, yes.