Dark Templar DMC Passive Grinding

Merry Christmas !!! Its really long time since I posted something.
This time I am giving away my DT DMC grinding build.
Are you hardcore enough to understand the true magical warrior?

You probably need to use pots if you only have x2 silver twilight, I was using x3 in the video. If it doesn’t work…please try to use combos :stuck_out_tongue:

Feat: 11f61a8461c7861ae861b4c61bae61c1261da26212411174113001168811cc6111d411df211d8e114f411e54115581230411c0011d2c123d012624126881194411f1c113c8


Nice :slight_smile:
Could you share a screenshot of the damage parser? Am interested in how much damage is generated from the anticipation and counter strike feats from general tree.