[Dark Templar] struggling with PvE rotation

I’m new to Age of Conan, and my first class is the Dark Templar. Probably mistakenly I went for the level 80 boost. I am determined to become good with this class though, but I am really struggling with the content, even the solo dungeons. I was wondering if someone could please help with just a simple PvE single target rotation? I’ve found some good feat builds just from Google searching, and my current build is 1/53/25, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. I am just having a difficult time wrapping my head around rotations and finding something that works for just doing solo content.

Thank you!

I am not sure what kind of spec you are using but I assume that you got a Talisman build since you got 53 points in the Desecration tree. DT pretty much lives from getting crits, critical rating is very important so your gear should have lots of critical rating. These critical hits will help proccing the AA talent Void of Madness which is a must have for every DT, I have never actually seen anyone run other AA talents since they are all kinda crappy. So if you still have enough AA points get that feat, then max out the AA perk for critical rating, everything else comes after that.

Since Talisman specs got increased crit chance on Blood for Aid you can keep the 2 highest ranks of that combo constanly on cooldown, also use the highest rank of Leech Life and A Soul for our Feast, that will increase your health tap like crazy.

What’s also important: Ritual Bloodshed must be on cooldown all the time to keep the stack at x10. That will increase your overall damage and give more health tap. Obviously, Shadowhex must be on cooldown all the time in combat too.

It basically boils down to: Keep Life Leech buffs up all the time (Bloodshed buff and Life Leech combos), spam Shadowhex as much as you can and spam Blood for Aid as much as you can.

EDIT: I am by no means a DT expert but talisman DTs are really not that hard to play, the way I described above I am able to easily tank in most dungeons and raids, there are probably people that know more tricks but I never really needed to do anything different because Void of Madness makes DTs totally overpowered once you got enough gear to “support” it with your critical rating (topping DPS while maintanking and even healing more than healers in certain fights).

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What Force said, and I want to add just to be really sure: With your build you need to use sword and talisman. Make sure your buffs are up all the time (Sadistric Soul, Pact of Malacodor, Drain Life or Essence, Covenant of Arms, Aura of Dread Fury). And you can switch stances - use frenzy stance, and if you feel a situation is too hard for you, switch to defencive stance. Also make sure you use your ccs: you have 1 stun (by default, don’t know the english name, it is red), and should have one aoe fear (dooming presence), which is also your highest dps and aoe dps combo.
As you have some points in the general tree I bet you have cunning deflection. Use that right befor you get massiv damage (some bosses have abilities that hit really hard, but most of the times you can tell when they happen from casts/aoes/on timers). In normal fights just keep it on cd.

This is an awesome DT guide:

Just in case the old forum has hickups, I copied Sidar’s guide to this forum: