Dark Templer Aggro Problems


Hey mates, i play a DT and ve problems to take aggro… i dont know where i fail…its may build ?my rotation…dont knonw it…

build like sidars guide 4 t4



Hope anyone can help me…ty


Spec is a bit weird. Made sense before multi spec maybe. Are you limiting yourself to one single spec on Saga? (I’m not telling you to spend money but if you have spare FC points or are serious about pve, a second spec is gonna change your life as a tank).

I haven’t done that much tanking with a shield on DT to be honest but I used something like this : https://goo.gl/Y3oTpu for physical fights where I couldn’t go tali (Sepulcher of the Wyrm final boss for example).

For protection fights it is tempting to spec and use Covenant of Invulnerability but this has a massive impact on your DPS and aggro (but it’s very useful before you have good gear). And if you need to be more tanky, of course improved defensive stance will be a better idea than sustained rage. So in my spec you could take the points from sustained rage and put them in improved defensive stance or stone skin for example. For prot turtling I have this too : https://goo.gl/fHfmdW but terrible aggro so I use it sparingly.

I don’t think there is a fixed rotation on DT but I would always start with life leech (highest rank) and a soul for our feast to get life taps running. And the rest will depend on the shields of the mob and the spec (BFA without speccing the crit chance is meh, pretty sure mystical bane is way better with with so many points in depravity).


Hi there,
would be cool to know what gear you use, and what bosses you want to tank. The build is okish for a allrounder tank build, although you might want to adjust it for heavy prot / heavy physical fights. @biglouis: Good points about speccing.

How and why did you build this rota? For max dps, max survival? As I see it there is a lot of potential to improve.

I think every player will give you different advice, but we will all agree on this: First an foremost: DON’T HIT THE SHIELDS! Learn what combo has its finisher from which direction, and pick your next combo so that the finisher hits an unshielded side. Try to combine this with a combo prioritisation.
I would recommend something like this (if you play with BFA 4+5, you can also choose to play with 3+4):

  • preload if possible LL5, hit finisher on boss
    (Everey LL will proc a Zone of Gluttony, and give you X% - 10-12 - of physical lifeleech, duration 15 seconds. This will not stack with another LL combo, but will be replaced. You want the ZOG and the lifeleech always running, which is the reason why every third combo should be LL5 or LL4)
  • SFOF4 (Gives physical lifeleech to you and your group, duration 30? seconds - depends on aa. For heavy fights use a second rank once the lifeleech runs out, but usually just keeping the highest rank on cd will do fine.)
  • BFA 4/5 (Butter and Bread DPS and Aggrocombo, the aggro is the reason why I personally woul choose it over MB, which may be a better dps source, but builds no or way less aggro - I forgot which one it is.)
  • LL 4 (ZOG and Lifeleech will have run out now for 1-3 seonds, refresh it with using this rank)
  • BFA 5/4
  • BFA 4/5
  • LL 5
    No UB until now, because it is low in aggro. In a raid and grouping with good POMs they will put this debuff on the boss anyway, watch out for it.
    Now go on with LL4 - 2 other combos - LL5 - 2 other combos - LL4 - 2 other combos. The 2 other combos choose with this prioritisation AND depending on shields:
  • SFOF4 whenever it is off cd
  • BFA 4 or 5 for aggro (or MB if you like it)
  • UB if, and only then, the debuff needs to be reapplied
  • Stun (if needed at trash mobs)
  • Dread if needed

This is ONE way to combine survival and aggro, concentrating on having ZOG and as much lifeleech as possible always running. If you need more aggro spam BFA, if you then get aggro start with LL and SFOF again.
PS: I actually use almost the same rota with tali, adding hexes and Dooming Presence.


Yeah it’s quite possible that BFA has more innate aggro. I haven’t done much tanking with a shield spec and when I did I always had more than enough aggro so I was focusing on dps really. Now, maybe I should try to focus more on BFA the next time I have aggro issues with a prot spec :slight_smile:

BFA is my bread and butter with tali though because I spec the crit chance. I used to spam life leech and my aggro was completely fine but my dps and self healing have improved greatly by spamming (and speccing) BFA instead.


I agree, with tali and even shield + desecration spec and the (obviously) specced crit chance on BFA I concentrate on that over LL, too, and mostly go LL5 - 3 x BFA - LL5. Of course you will usually play like that in content that requires good healers anyway, so I feel you can slack a lot on self healing and focus on aggro and dps mainly. For the OP it is a better advice to start with focussing on timers, buffs and shields.

There is something about physical life leech being way more effective (one reason more why am not that into MB), and I never quite figured out if the innate aggro is worth it to use BFA 5 with the 3 steps…past a certain gear level I forgot pretty fast what I originally did for which reason…so I kind of know what I am doing, but not why :wink:


Ty 4 ur answers…later ill try it out…im happy about ur help!


You do need to streamline your build to either magic tanking or physical tanking because you losing a lot of points in being neither, so considering getting two specializations (i currently have 3, one magic shield one physical shield and one physical talisman tank spec).
You also need VoM from AA as soon as possible then try to max crit rating.