80 Necro Looking for an up to date build


Been using a build found on the old forums from 2012, not sure how current it is. Was hoping someone had a build that is viable in raid tier 3.5 and beyond. The necro guide found on these new forums doesn’t contain any real specific info other than a link to a DTS build, which I am not a fan of. Thank’s in advance.




I would say that build is good for more Single-Target oriented fights as well as T3 Louhi Fight.

For me, I use a couple more general T4 spec’s that will be a bit better for single and multi target fights, ignoring the mana drain for T3.

If agro is not an issue, I go with something like this:

If agro is an issue, then I use something more like:


I will note minor changes to these builds don’t make that huge a difference in dps output. Your skill (as well as the tanks skill) will probably be a much greater factor.


I could also go with something like this while using Corrupters:



Problem is, especially on saga u can only have 1 spec (2 if u pay rl cash) and I need one for pvp so I just run with that spec in everything and its fine :slight_smile:


Yeah, the average dps a person may have won’t change too much between yours or any of my specs.