Necro build for onslaught?

Hi, some good gentle necro expert here can give me some advice for a build exclusively for onslaught? at the moment I’m using Henryx necro grinding build lol my equip is t3, I find it well for what i do but onlsaught is another thing we are only 6 and all should perform the best they can

I would go nightfall and general. Grip of death on the minibosses and ull aoe the rest down easy. Lich is good for the times u r in trouble.

Get xtra armor, dps, unleashed power and quickened iron from general.

Use blas ruin, insta ice everytime off cd and deathly blizzard to aoe rek the waves as they gather round ur tank.

U gotta use chilling brath perk tho.

Tbh u can grind way faster then that video u posted just on a typical pvp spec. That necro might be in blue gear tho for all i know. But pets still slower and just plain boring😊 gl to u👌🏻

anyone can share good PVE build? maybe for onslaught too?
Thank you :wink: