Necro PvP Build 2020

Hi. I am completely new to this game. Friend told me to check it out years ago and now i finally have. I am really impressed so far although i cant say i know what’s going on yet. I’m really looking for advice on a pvp build for necro . currently level 15. Please advise! =)

there is no pvp on level 15, so try to get 80 asap

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I would put 5 points into Nightfall at that level.

You should go get to lvl 20, pvp is more fun from there on a necro imo. Before that its just boring petspam😔

Put 5 in nightfall - brutal death and start to fill the 5 next in corrupted soul.(That gives you nice heals from lifestrike) At lvl 20 get despoil the soul. Keep one petpoint at this stage for the fear.

In other words, at lvl 20 use the ability despoil the soul x7 and go with one pet just for the fear.

Good luck and have fun👌🏻


If you are new, I recommend re-rolling your character on crom and forgetting about pvp until you hit level 80. There’s basically no lowbie pvp on the Fury server, and you wont get of ANY of the benefits you get from playing on Crom (the populated server). I think new players should always go to Crom because they can join guilds and do dungeons and quest with other people. Fury just has no playerbase other than the people playing the open world pvp app (level 80 exclusive).

a pvp Build

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I recommend the following:


Cool advice. thanks! I appreciate it. Playing on PvE just isn’t my style and don’t mind the grind. Besides me and my pals wanna murder each other although none of us know how to do that yet. No BG or /duel?

Love this game…!! Can’t believe I never got around to trying it until now. :grin:

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That’s the spirit. See you on the field!

BG are only lvl80 thing nowadays as well as duels

You can duel eachother anywhere on fury.

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Ur welcome. Duelling eachother is great practise and a lot of fun​:blush::+1:t2: I remember starting out like that myself back in 08. Was so much fun just kiddin around testing stuff with friends.

For lvl 80 the build mystygga posted is good. Gives you both surviveability and burst.

You could also ask some veteran necros ingame to give you some pointers👍🏻 Im not sure how populated the zones are atm.

Enjoy! Wish i could start all that fun over again🤗