[Necromancer] Returning player

after many years of absence i’m trying to get back into AOC, I logged in my account and tried the last character i was levelling before stopping, a necromancer.
It’s level 46, and i remember i was following a build but i can’t find it anymore, at least a couple of years have passed since last time I logged in.
At the moment my “build” is this: 12913884138e81431014824148881456413ec413f2613a1113f8b
(Sorry i cannot add a link)
Is there any good guide/build for levelling a necro out there?

The build you linked is a bit conflicting. You have feated Despoil the Soul(sacriface pet points for increased magic damage) and unholy power (increases pet damage). There is no reason to feat both unless you’re at endgame using pets and frequently spellweaving.

Here is the fundamentals and anything you get after this is negligible. http://joharaoc.eu/feat?link=v5_1291388413ec4143101482414888145641494c1449e14ec4143d814439
There is honestly no big difference in how you spend your featpoints at this level. Necromancer feat tree is one of the most broken one filled with undesirable feats. Level with 8x stack of Despoil the Soul or level with 8/4/2 pets, it’s up to your preference.


Thanks for the infos.