Little help for a returning player

Greetings everyone,

I’ve recently returned to AoC (haven’t properly played since '11) and currently leveling a Necromancer. However, I struggle t ocome up with a decent build I can use in a late game (I’d like to do the raids and dungeons).

My question is - how accurate are the old builds still? For example the ones from The Raid Necromancer (tried including a link but apparently I can’t) thread in the old forums. Are they still viable or have the meta shifted? If so I’d like some advice on a pet build for PvE (as mentioned above, raiding, dungeons etc.).

Thank you very much in advance!

Nah, the Meta hasn’t really changed in a very long time. Those old builds and guides should still be fairly reliable.

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Thank you! Would you recommend any of the builds provided in those guides? I see many different ones suggested here but only few of them actually seem to go all the way down a specific tree for the last feat. I wonder why.

The last feats tend to have more limited usage, and points are often better spent elsewhere. With the Necro, a lot of feats give only tiny improvements, and so a little variation on standard builds is fine. You would probably find more dps differences come from the player and situational awareness as to what spells to use when. I run similar builds to those in that old thread, just with minor differences.

I also tend to aim more for melee pets than casters for most fights, unless casters are specifically needed for range/moving mobs. For that you would have a builds a bit more different than just a few points, but those in that old thread can get you started just fine.

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Thank you very much!

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