DT builds discussion

Hello all,
I am a returning player and would like to know to discuss DT builds.

Tank build: 44/18/17
PVE dps build: 0/64/15
PVP build: 36/43/0

Are these still viable?

I was told that now in 2018, tank Tali (desecration)is the way to go.
Is this correct,if so what would be the best build+AA?
Please any suggestions would be highly welcome :wink:

https://goo.gl/HJP42 - PVP
https://goo.gl/8QuwH - Tank
https://goo.gl/nkPo0 - DPS

Tali-tank - https://goo.gl/ptZD56
Desecration shield - https://goo.gl/WdppQ3

If im frenzy on my dt i just do it in a tankspecc so got no answer for a “dps” specc.

Why no points in stone skin for tali tank?
And are my builds any good?

Optimaly you want two tali tanking speccs, one for magic and one for melee, u dont specc both.

Dread spec has the right feats for prot mostly but I hate “all rounder” builds.

DPS spec doesn’t make sense for DT because you will always pull aggro anyway unless your gear is so bad that you can’t actually do much DPS. It’s a novelty unless you have the spec to waste and between a dread spec, a prot spec and 2 for tali and perhaps a PVP spec it’s easy to use 5 builds.

sorry, still a noob, what is a prot spec and can you lik a build? what build do you like best for DT Evito?

Mori’s tali spec works for almost every physical boss in the game if you have the right amount of gear. Prot variant just feats stone skin instead of iron skin but requires lots of specific gear to pull off. If you really want the lazy mans tali spec that has stone skin and iron skin, this is what you’re looking for https://goo.gl/noNy21. It’s not as good as specialized specs but it’s not missing anything major.

I hate linking my dread specs because people tend to argue for Soul Barrier and Curse of Gwahlur - I don’t really have major arguments against Curse of Gwahlur but Soul Barrier is a terrible mana sink that won’t help you (unless you gear is bad).

A prot build is for magical bosses like, Zaal, Emperor, Thoth that only deal in magic damage.
There’s 2 dread prot specs and you use the one based on your itemization
IF You have the protection talisman for Wyrm, I’d use this - https://goo.gl/rheF3Q
If you don’t, and you’re using a shield, I’d use this - https://goo.gl/AVvQ3q

Physical max mitigation spec is the same sort of idea as the shield spec, you just swap the points from iron skin to stone skin and invulnerable soul to solid pestilence (and you run covenant of pestilence, it’s really nice since it was buffed and something not many people use).

I use your tali-tank build. Its good enough when i cotank with someone, but I feel tali tanking makes me squishy when i main tank. My gear is a mix of t4-t6, with arena necklace, and rings with gems.
The reason being that when i tali tank on somewhat hard hitting bosses, that i need lifetapp to survive, plus crits to maintain agro. As i play on my laptop with somewhat unstable wifi, I miss some comboes, and with tali tanking, i cant afford to miss those comboes :slight_smile:

Yeah with tali-specc you sacrifice abit of base-survival to gain dps/hp-ap, if u miss combos you’re not tapping enough while being weak from the start.