Nerf Dark Templar

Agreeing with everything Force and Lurvi wrote. The class is broken. But im curious what whould happen if the nerfhammer came. I would estimate that roughly 60% of active tanks play DT. What would happen to the quality of raids/rf if the most noobfriendly class all the sudden was too hard to play for this big chunk of players that can barely uphold good standard on current dt with t4 gear? Would be interesting to see.


what wonder you? This makes you understand that 70% (if not more) of the population has a DT, and removed very few exceptions, such people have a DT for the simple reason that it is OP. Those who voted know full well that it is broken, they voted, that’s okay just because it’s good for them to be broken.
Funcom will never make them sad, it is a too much popular class and it is too scared to displease the majority of the population!
How many people get into AoC (or any MMORPG) and instead of creating a character that could entertain them, they are looking for “more OP class” to be able to start with it as main?
I remember when old conqueror was not considerated OP we were really few conquerors, after patch, game is become Age of Conquerors, there was almost no player who had not rolled an alt conqueror after the patch!!!
For me that patch was a nightmare, until a few weeks before, I found a place in any group/raid, after the patch, I had trouble finding a place anywhere.
Example: start one T3.5, I send tell the leader: can you find a spot for conq?
answer: I’m sorry I already have 5 conq in raid :slight_smile:

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There are no need or a nerf. Ofc all tankclasses are op in pvp but if you change them then less people want to play them both in pvp and pve. Dt isnt an issue since they have low amount of ccs and are easy to run away from. I play pom which you mentioned as a slow class and i can easaly get away from a dt or burst it down if i have the cds ready.
Conq on the other hand is way more op, both cc, damage and bubbles. The strongest class in pvp if you ask me.
We need the noobs to play dt as moriala mentioned, its easy and you can do whatever combo you want and do decent.
Dt isnt even very good compared to the other tanks in endgame pve cus they have much less survival against hand hitting bosses. Ofc this post is about pvp and im getting a bit off topic so i will stop myself from explaining why. :slight_smile:

/the ubermiley

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I don’t know but last time I checked, DTs pretty much have a build in off-tank for those situations. Tanking in Chaos as DT is probably the easiest way to do it, Guards and especially Conqs have a way harder time tanking there, same goes for bosses like the Emperor.

Tip: Chaos and t4 aren’t endgame.

Sadly, for many, it is…

I dont count bosses that can be maintanked by a dreadshadow as endgame.

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Tecnically dragonspine is end-game. Chaos is 6men end-game, T4 is NOT raid end-game.

but lets be real, the dread shadow is also broken (and dull as frack in a gameplay pov)

what is it 15 seconds duration? and works on a whole lot of endgame bosses, faceless god comes into mind in particular…

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I mean I can believe DT is probably not super OP for t5/6 which I have limited knowledge of (except yak? :D) but to me it’s still OP because of how trivial it makes pretty much every other pve content there is (which is also the pve that most of the playerbase deals with). And it’s just so shallow gameplay wise compared to guard or conq.

But pvp wise I agree with ubermiley. In some minis it can very work well even against competent players because of the splash though but in general the class has weaknesses that can be exploited. It is pretty effective for farming noobs in pugs though!
Brute conq remains the most broken OP pvp class in my opinion too.

Anyway, I’m sure we can all agree that never having a good reason to use any AA other than VOM is super sad :frowning: some of the perks aren’t even too bad right now, they just pale horribly compared to VOM.

Yeah biggest issue for me isnt the performance of the class per say, its how you are automatically there as soon as u have the gear. Requires barely anything from you as a player whatsoever, but try telling dt-mains this, and the crowd goes wild D:

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They designed many encounters in T5 and T6 in order to specifically nullify DTs and bring Guards and Conqs back into play (if you can’t nerf the class, design encounters to hit their weak spot, and there you go). The run of the mill ‘geared out monkey with a keyboard’ is generally phased out in those raids, though it’s still obviously prevalent everywhere else.

The problem is that DT isn’t just broken to where you can’t do a few quick fixes and have a proper class, you could nerf it to make it less OP but it would still play the same way, which was exactly what happened on TL, and while it was a mild improvement (not that the main DTs who protested thought that), it was merely a band aid over a stab wound. It needed to be fully redesigned and revamped and that just wasn’t possible then, and certainly not now.


Broken class

Can this thread decide if it’s about pvp or pve? Most of these votes were cast when the thread was pvp-centric. Now it’s pretty much pve.

Completely different discussions.

The potential change that would happen, would affect both PVE and PVP, therefor, its kinda dangerous to change it taking only PVE or PVP into account.

personally I think coming with spesific and radical changes like OPs 1st poll suggestion turned off a lot of voters.

Just make a clear poll, yes or no. then discuss how later.

But direwolf has a good point, this post was posted with a pvp pov, but that was never clearified in the poll either.

I would like some change to make stance dance more viable. Though im surprised to see thread about dt in first place since, if we talk about soldiers, there is a way bigger evil named conqueror. Dts are easy to counteract, while there is no cure agains conq.


because he doesnt need any…thats why

Nerf Dark Templar, Fix Tempest tree on guardian and make able to play melee on ranger.

Being a player that has played since launch, I’ve seen all the nerf bats hit…class after class…The Dark Templar was so terrible for so long…of the 3 soldier classes the dt was all but useless, he could only wear heavy armor- pull next to 0 aggro and his only useful ability was his dred shadow. Possible offtank at best and only if you couldn’t find another player. He spent long enough time in prison that I believe he deserves his glory day in the sun. The Forgotten class currently is the Guard. I would love for his tempest tree to be made as viable as the conqs carnage. its only fair?

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