[Soldier] Heavy Armour DPS

Are Heavy Armour wearing Soldier who chose DPS really not wanted in any dungeon or raids? Are soldier only expected to Tank even if they have feats for Damage? Are DPS focused Soldiers really unwelcome?

One word: YES

More words: Soldiers are expected to be able to fullfill their archetypes role, and that means tanking. DTs and conqs are welcome (sometimes even expected) to switch to dps IF the fight allowes it.

Here it was discussed in length:

And here is a funny thread about it (which escalated quickly):

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You can dps while tanking on a dt and a conq, so there isn’t much reason to run a pure dps build.


But u can’t level fast if you invest in Tanking feat, can you?

That is what respec is for. And possibility to have up to 5 separate builds. Playing soldier correctly isn’t cheap - dps build, prot tanking build, physical tanking build, pvp build, special task build. You need throw money at Funcom to be able fulfill any task soldier life can throw at you.

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Thanks @hayde @Kantakwa , @IceCreamMan for your reply! So it means for going a DPS role my only options are either Rogue or Mage role. Soldiers and Healers are not welcome as other than their archetype roles! :confused:

These are not the only options, but they are the best options. And thats just because the rogue and mage archetype are supposed to fullfill the role of a DPS class and have buffs and feats for it.
About DT and Carnage Conq DPS is written and discussed enough. The main problem, why you wont be welcomed in most groups, is cause of loot (which is discussed enough too imo).

What do you expect of Archetype roles? Of course a Healer class is expected to heal! Primarily.
But all Healers should! also focus on dealing damage, while running their heal abilties.
And you would be suprised what great DPS a PoM and ToS can provide, when played properly.
Nearly same goes for Soldiers…
You play a Soldier class? Great! Then be prepared, that you’ll be expected to fulfill its main role.

And besides, and already mentioned, you can have multiple speccs. Go whatever you like and is fun for you, while leveling your toon and have, at least, one other build for tanking when you want to join a group.

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But for f2p multi spec isn’t available, is it?

Honestly, i cant tell you.
As long as i am or was playing the game, i’ve always been premium. But i thought to remember, you can at least buy a second specialization slot in the shop (which i’m not sure either).
If it isn’t or you dont want to spend money, then you’re forced to play with one spec. But then a tank class is probably not the best choice, because you’ll have to use some kind of all-in-one build…but thats another story.
edit: if you want to participate in group content, for solo playing you should be fine though :wink:

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Thanks :smiley:

Free players (f2p) can buy additional specializations the same way subscribed players do; from Funcom’s in game store.

Loyalty Reward: First Month Subscription is an Additional Specialization

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I’d take a dps guard over a keyboard turning t6 sin any day of the week. It’s not like the content in this game is difficult enough to warrant being class nazis, considering keyboard turning clickers clear t6 on a regular basis.

I gotta say the experience ive had in dungeons is that mouse-clicking t6 raiders generally do fine, the rotten eggs are usually people who doesnt listen or understand strats. In chaos the “t6-clickers” obliterate the occasional combojumping pvpers that joins from time to time, joining chaos doing less dps then guardian tanks, needing on all gems before they leave without a word, quite the trend sadly :confused: