Returning player:

Hello All,

I have played this game for around 1.5 year when it first came out and after getting bored nowadays with the mmorpg’s i’m considering to give Age of Conan a new try. My question is there any good guide out there to help you started and what 2 do when you 4 example reaches max level i tried to find something on google but couldnt find any guide that suits me. Also which classes are recommeded to start with? back in the day i had a lvl 80 barb, PoM & Bear Shaman. Are the servers still active or is it a lost cause these days?

Greets Wijze!

You will find more activity on Crom than Fury. As for a general guide, not sure what might still be out there. But you probably don’t really need a guide just to figure out basic things to do. Just follow the quests when leveling up. At max level, you then have Khitai content to do, working on AA’s (Alternate Advancement points). There are lots of group dungeons that may occasionally get run. Raids. Raid Finder, etc.

Probably a good idea to find a guild of like-minded people to join and play with, and then you can ask specific questions at points to get quick bits of guidance.

As for class recommendations, I would think it really comes down to what play-style you want. You appear to be familiar with both the melee and casting combat systems, so that should give you an idea what you enjoy mre.