Advice,For solo pver please

Looking for a class/spec for melee solo pve. Kind of confused on which direction to go. Any advice/help is appreciated

For what class?





Alright, I understand now. If you’re unsure about class as well, I’ll try to summarise how they work.

Guard has the longest reach of all melees, with their polearms. They don’t have a lot of dps, but good cc’s, tanky, a bubble and a long weapon.
Conq is the easiest of all the melees, since you can plant your fire banner, which will help you kill mobs a lot faster, and, when you need hp, you have self-heals, and at higher levels you have spammable AoE combos, and 2 bubbles. Conq uses 2h and 1h weapons.
DT is probably the weakest tank at low levels, since you don’t have VoM yet, but as soon as you get Pact of Malacodor, you will do a lot more dps. They use 1h weapons with a talisman or a shield, and rely on hp taps (stealing hp as you hit).

Sin is tough, due to the cloth armor and shortest weapon reach (two daggers), but has the highest dps of melees, and the higher your level the more cc’s and survivability tools you get.
Barb is quite easy. With Blood Rage stance, you heal yourself as you hit (and get stacks), have good dps and a lot of cc’s. They use 2h and 1h weapons. If you go down the Shrapnel path in Reaver tree, you will have decent AoE too.

BS is the melee with the most micromanaging. It took me a long time to learn, but it’s a solid class. Good dps, heals, and a bubble with the spec I linked, although you can instead go for Booming Roar, for silence and more dps, or Bewilder (another cc) and better dot. BS can only use 2h blunts.

HoX is a mixture between a barb and a demo. It’s squishy, but has a lot of dps, especially AoE. They rely on spamming Hellfire Breath between attacks, morphing into demon forms for more dps, and use other spells as well, including the hard-hitting ranged Flame Lash. They use 2h swords, preferably with Intelligence and Magic Damage / Magic Damage (Fire). If it weren’t for the morphing part, HoX would remind me of The Witcher.

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Witchers don’t use magic at all. Magic was just intoduced for the games for fluff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same here. Its time for me to come back to Age of Conan.
I want to start with a new character but have no idea what class i should pick.
All i want to do is enjoying the world and doing some quests without dying to much. Especially the Khitai zones.

I already played BS and PoM. That was fun. I felt realy powerful with all the selfheal.

Now i can’t decide what to play. A Necro, ToS or Hox… or a BS again? hmm…
What would you recommend guys? Never played a pure DPS. Did they lack at survivability compared to the priest classes?

Thanks :slight_smile:

With a necro you’ll mostly be putting dots on your enemies and throwing other spells as you kite, and you can use pets to help you and even get aggro momentarily.

With a ToS you can kite all day long as long as you have your AoE spells running, but you have other spells too. It’s a strong class with great AoE, sturdier than necro.

HoX is as squishy as a necro, but you’ll have to use your sword as much as your spells, although you can kite and throw breaths in between if needed. HoX has a bubble though, which also gives you a speedbuff.

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BS is quite easy, he is an healer with good dps, useful in later game, if you like soldier go for conq because both guard and dt are really slow to level, in later game is hard to tank due to these T6 still going in places like monapalace if you want to go melee in easy mode then use a barb, you might want to try hox, it is a mage who fights in melee too.

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I am a bit biased because I just love the melee/combosystem in AoC, but as you played a BS befor you are allready familiar with it. Although I think it is the most “generic” (flames throwing caster…)and a bit…boring class I will throw in the demo. If you only want to run around solo, kill stuff, be able to pull multiple mobs without dying…then a demo is a good choice. You can kite, you can aoe burn everything down, and you will be a good dps if you want to play in groups or raids.

Because you played BS and you thought of it yourself, take a second look at the hox, too. In my opinion hox is one of the hardest classes to master, but offers a very unique playstile and experience, beeing a melee mage, slow combos, but very unforgiving micro management. You might die a lot - but you can rez yourself :slight_smile: