Returning player looking for class advice

I’m keen to get stuck into this game again and I am looking for some advice as to what’s the best class to play as a solo PvE’er. I don’t have the know-how or game knowledge to play Unconquered, but I am on a paid account - so please suggestions would be welcome!

I would say a bear shaman would be a solid choice for solo pve. Very strong class with decent dps and good defensive capabilities. The self heal helps a lot with solo pve because you can regenerate hp and go back into combat fast.


Necromancer for sure. You can even solo group bosses.

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More than likely you’ll end up seeing every class suggested, but for me:

  • Ranger: you have to learn how to play it right, but when you do it’s awesome
  • Dark Templer: Lot’s of DPS going out and can really soak up the incoming hits.
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Awesome suggestions, does race matter in this game or not?

Do you have any suggested builds for a Necromancer - this one appeals to me becuase you know, Necromancers :smile:

Necro solo pve means letting your pets kill targets while you run circles :slight_smile: I suppose this would be a very easy way to level, but might be slightly boring.

I suppose Nebbles is right and all classes will have their advantages/ fun.
Dt definitely is nice for solo pve, dont remember how good it is pre level 80 (without the void of madness perk) and with only 1 CC at lower levels it may be a bit hard/slow.
Ranger would be a challenge to level up I think since it will be hard to tackle groups of mobs.

Only if you run up against race / class restrictions; like there’s NO Stygian Soldiers. Other than that, nope. You’re not even locked into that races starting zone after the intro since you can easily move over to the zone of your choice.

I’ve done 2 DT’s now up to 80 and never had any problems at any of the levels; as the old TV commercial said it takes a licking and keeps on ticking, I just wade in and go to town on the mob’s.

Even at 80 I don’t use VoM perk. If you’re just going solo PVE you really don’t need it, but if you plan on raiding ALL will expect you to have it.

Not really once you know what you’re doing and the key is TRAP’S. Something I didn’t know when I first started way back when. When I first leveled my Ranger up to 80 I never even used them until I respec’d because I finally started having trouble in Khitai. Before that I hit hard and kept moving, granted I died alot, but I got there in the end.

But don’t be like me, just grab traps as early as you can and keep dropping them and falling back. Ranger’s put out enough DPS that you can generally kill the target in the trap before it get’s out and have enough time to drop a new one to catch the next in the mob.

thanks for all of the suggestions, I think I am going to level a Necromancer and a Dark Templar. I cant remember anything about the game, so please send builds/suggestions :smile:

For DT, I’d recommend a Tali build, like this, which should allow you to also tank in lower level instances, if you feel like trying.
As Necro, I’d go with this. Of course you will have to start with melee pets, but switch to casters as soon as you can, possibly Blood Arcanists, for the AoE and the heals they give you.

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You can have stygian DT since a few years now.
You can have aquilonian necros and cimerian assassins as well, since that same day.

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I said soldier when I should have said Guardian. Also while they have loosened a couple of the race / class combo’s they haven’t done them all which was the point I was making.

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