Low lvl PvP . What class?


I intend to participate in the PvP saga event when it arrives. However i have all toonsx3 in 80 allready, therefor i think i want to Play the best low lvl toon in regards of PvP. Which Class is best the frist 40 lvl in PvP?


Till 40 lvl I’d say a Ranger, HoX, Barb and Sin really rocks.


How is necro low level? Canon fodder?


Pom also is very strong at low lvl, sin is probably the most op until late 60s (only class with real magic prot)


It depends how you play but on a tortage pvp perspective, hox burst damage with blue stuff and pillars is quite strong, pet necros and rangers are strong for open world gank, berserk barbs are probably the most complete and fun melee even if they can’t comboskip anymore ^^ of course healers are naturally strong survivors with heals, shield or medium armor and i almost forgot brute conqs who are pretty decent with their banners early bird. It’s my summup about tortage pvp only anyway.


Necros are good open world, and fairly decent low level - the top Killstealers/kdratio. They fall off the closer you get to 80, then creep back up once they get pvp 10 gear. On rage i had 5k kills and 500 deaths kd ratio on my necro.

At lvl 18, HoX is king. And they stay fun and relevant for most of the levels.

Next cap theyve set after 18 is 30- here there are a few options:

Sins dominate once they get bomb, and they are fairly strong at 18 even. Sins will def be a top contender. They dont really fall off either, not untill pvp 10 gear soldiers appear, but even then they stay relevant vs the other classes. Sins benefit highly from good dps weapons, and is probably the class that gets the most bang for their buck in their talent trees.

For the 30 lvl bracket ToS is actually a really good pick. Roll a BS if you have friends that are rolling soldiers or barbs. Poms are not that great at low lvls compared to the other two.

Barbs are good. One of the best. More survival than sins, but less burst. They have better survival than conqs at low lvls xD Conqs are just bad barbs at low level, but scale harder with gear and aa.

I think a ton of people are gonna roll necros on the new server, in which case rolling an assassin will be like going to heaven.

Im going for a necro myself because thats what i find fun right now, and i deleted my rage necro by a mistake some time ago - so in that case it wouldnt be wise of me to recommend Assassin to anyone, but it is the class that ive mained forever and it is the class that made me fall in love with aoc pvp.

shiiied, now i wanna go assassin.


Tos strong at 30? Wut?


yeah? at 39 a monster.

has way too much. there is insane value on every feat at those levels.

free blue heal
anti stun (teamwide)
10% extra crit chance on main spells + burst with spark storm proc + inner charge XD
and good CCs too
3 sec immunity which is a very big deal

only thing lacking is real AoE damage if you compare to PoM i.e. but still you can splash a little bit, and the mentioned more than makes up for it IMO

anyways it’s gonna be a good tossup of where you want to put your focus,
classes like BS, Conq, DT which is trash tier at lowbies become monsters at 80.

hope some people still will roll melee on the server, else its all gonna be pom/tos and ranged/hox.
remember guard and barb is decent at lowbies, and atleast BS has early energy buff!


I remember on old Aquilonia RpPvP server that almost like 30-40% of all lvl 39 twinks where ToS.

With the server format being 18, then 30, then 40, then 50 etc… i can see that balance changing a bit.

ToS was also one of the classes that could use their sanctum gear at 39 bracket, most other classes required lvl 40 for theirs.

With this server cap change i cant wait to see how it changes the 39 dynamic.

Also, everything that Lurvi said was on the spot accurate.


I roll a guard, as always. I don’t like casters.


I always thought that ToS is really weak in for example open world or minigames at 39lvl. I used to play a tos back in 2013-14 and I remember this class was a beast at 59lvl, but having a hard time at 39. Im planning to give it a try, lightning strike spec all the way till 39?


just do a spec with all the stuff I said… only 8 points thunder for 39


I remember PoMs being strong after level 30. Always saw twinks in 39s and 59s as PoMs


Lot of this “OP HoXes” Become peace of s**t on 80 lvl…and Saga’s quest mean that u anyway need to play on 80 lvl’s… So if u are not good don’t take hoxes, on 80lvl everything will be changed. I’ll take 3d hox for account…but it’s my main :blush:


Just my opinion formed from 10’s of thousands of kills haha.

Level 19 and below:

S Tier

  1. Necromancer: A beast at these levels. Kite around with pets. No one has the damage to kill them in time while you have your snare which is EXTREMELY powerful at this level.

  2. Ranger: Super gay. Never play this class. However, it is very strong at this level given it’s high DPS and traps at this low of level. White sands is full of trees and hilltops that is hard for people to get to you.

  3. HOX: Hellfire breath is LOL at these levels. Again no one has protection, so it’s not uncommon for 1 HFB to hit for half a players health.

A Tier

  1. Tos: Super good at this level. As mentioned, having solid CC’s below 19 are huge. Long cast times though.

  2. POM: Same deal as tos with a bit faster casts.

  3. Demo: Might be seeing a pattern, but basically every magic dealing class is pretty great at this level because no one has literally any protection.

  4. Barb: Good CC’s (think you have both KB and stun), decent damage and regen for this level.

B Tier

  1. BS: Much better when they get bloodflow rank 2 (20?) but regardless, they have 1 KB and good heals but terrible DPS at this level and only defensive CC’s.

  2. Sin: 1 trick wonder. Can wreck someone out of stealth but can’t do anything otherwise given their utter lack of CC’s and utility.

  3. Gaurd/Conq: Okay at this level. Lack the DPS and CC’s to be any real threat.

C Tier

  1. DT gets hit hard low level. I LOVE my 39 pvp DT (10-1 KDR and), but they need some loving down low. No CC’s below 19 and basically no damage either. Have fun running around hitting people with 1 combo that does nothing just to have them sprint any without you being able to do anything.

Writing my below 39 review in a sec


Looking forward to Tissues below 39-guide!


I doubt sin is below barb tier on level 18. First of all in 90% of minis there is NO healer or not healing. So the ability to kill instant as possible is golden. I literally have zero chance if a necro gets his pets after me as a barb. Even if i cc him and land some good hits i dont get him down fast enough an pets 2-3 shot me. Next my so called life Regeneration sucks ages on this level actually i doubt it does anything :joy:. Hope it will get better in next level tier…


When you are at 10 blood rage stacks, remove the buff to start from 0 again, otherwise you won’t get self-heals anymore. Barb is very good.


Thx m8. Gone check it out.