Which pve class is best (or less worst) to give pvp armor from saga?


I finished saga blood quest, probably we can claim the armor pvp on another toon, and since I have only crom toons, some with just barely blue armor, I wonder which class is best to have the purple pvp on, I know pvp armor on pve sucks the hell but is there some class that can still be playable with it? (as temporary solution before getting better pve one of course) ?


If you have a Barbarian, I would consider that. Most pre-80 and fresh 80 blues are more suited for healers than Barbs. The PvP armor will be “Good enough” for you to do RF, WB, T1 and T2.


I think all PvP sets are equally bad suited for PvE, without the PvP-CR and PvP-Magic Damage stats you are left with very low strength, dexterity and wisdom or intelligence stats, so low that even blue old world gear from level 60 gives you more DPS.
The only thing that kinda makes up for that is the crit damage and crit hit rating but since your damage is really low I don’t think it will matter that much anyways.

As Roddam said, barbs might have some problems to get crafted blue gear since there are only very few items, so that class might have the most use from the PvP set, even if blue old world items are better and really cheap to get on the trader.


PvP T1 barb armour looks great, but for PvE it’s not great for any class. If you don’t mind vanity, get it for the toon that has the worst gear.


thank all you for advice:)
my barb just need a couple of minor purple pieces so probably i’ll use as vanity:)


BS pieces look awesome as well totally unique especially chest and helm. But best is you go armory and check the looks yourself :grinning:


I was wondering btw, a healer with heal spec just for healing with pvp armor for is not good in pve? I mean healing is healing in both pve and pvp? or game separate healing from pvp and mob damage?


The stats you miss on pvp gear is heal rating and pve-HitRating. However heal rating was not present at all before t4. t3 gear has no heal rating as well and only poor amount of HitRating. pvp gear is great for farming some khitais… To Quickly Compensate for HitRating i would opt perk and some small blue kithai pieces easily obtainable. You can even buy some blue geared kithai random world drops (like shoulders for BS) on trader for just some silver that are POE and including hit rating afir.


If you play nec and use pets then the pvp armor can be fine for pve too.


The stats that start with “PvP” only work in PvP, so you’re left off with only Strength, Constitution, Wisdom,… (maybe crit rating) actually working for PvE in that PvP armour. Healing is only improved with the T5 rune (for big heals), and through Heal Rating in gear, which just improves Celestial Gaze and Sleuth of Bears / Shimmering Invocation / Idol of Rejuvenation.


Argh, healspec… every healer in AoC is a dps who happens to be able to heal while dpsing.
So, a healer in healspec is nothing you want wether in pvp or pve gear.

For the nitpicky ones: Sure, there are occasions when a spec heavier on groupsupport is a usefull choice. But…Most of the times more dps means less time in combat means more hp saved which can be translated into healing. Kind of.


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