Suggestions for a forgiving PVP class for a vey bad PVP player?

Hello. Sorry for the big post. Just skip to the second last paragraph. And please forgive my for the bad English:

First let me describe myself. I play casually, more for the escapism from the real world and the immersion in a fantastic fictional one. I’m a fan of Robert E. Howard/HPL/Clark Ashton Smith, and because of that, AoC is still my favorite MMO after these many years.

By definition, I play solo and I’m not a good gamer. Not even a sub-par PVPer. My tunnel vision is so tiny, a needle can’t fit in. Panic goes through my keyboard as olive oil on butter. Enemy players kill me even before they realise what class I am. From my experience, the only way I can help my teammates is if they could manage to put me on the enemy team.

Because of all of this ‘Saga’ business (and, I admit, the free character slot and social armor), I am finally trying to do something in PVP. In all these years of AoC I only tried it first while in the ‘Saga of Zath’, just for curiosity.

Don’t need to go into details here. I tried PvP with HoX, once or twice. And then DT, not much better. It was horrible and let’s leave it at that.

It’s not that I loose any sleep for this. I like to play for fun and in my own way. But I do want at least not to be an hindrance to my fellow players. And don’t be a total failure in duels. Enemy players practically just need to give bad vibrations on their screens from the other side of the server and – bang! – I’m dead.

I know that one needs a lot of practice in these things, but I also know that my brain can’t give much more than what is already giving. I use a good amount of shortcuts and all that, and I do am passable in PVE groups (the few ones I did). I also believe that I’m not the only one in this way, so maybe your help can be of assistance to others like me who also read these forums.

With this being said, and all the self-pity thrown around, can someone give me any advice on choosing a class that is very, very forgiving to an accepted bad player? Just enough so I can be of any assistance in matches just by staying alive for a few minutes. And, of course, make my good fellow teammates not to rage that much?

I’ve been reading on the forums (the archived one included), watching some YouTube videos, and tried some classes in ‘Saga of Blood’ already. Thank Dagon that I love Tortage, and the fact that the class groups have differences in their storylines.

These are the two classes that I tried. All of them into the middle of level 20

Conqueror: In Crom this is my main. I wouldn’t mind to start him all over again, and actually was the very first class I tried here. But the fact that the Saga character is going to Fury when the event ends (just discovered it recently) is really a let down. Besides, I didn’t manage to be very good with it either. But I think I didn’t tested him properly because of the armors he would get on higher levels. That could have increased his survivability.

Bear Shaman: Never been a favorite class. Don’t care much for bludgeoning weapons. But I actually was having some frenetic fun in the PVE parts of Saga. Excelent for solo boss fights, despite struggling with mobs. Then came the PVP matches. Panic in the air. Trying to healing at the same time doing some damage and surviving in the process. If it wasn’t so tragic for my teammates the humiliation could have been funny for all watching.

I think I’m not the healer type. Maybe something simpler that just can do one thing (survival or damage) without much weapon swapping. I am now considering the Ranger or the Necromancer. Never been interested in the Assassin, not my thing. The Necro is appealing because of the small army that can fill the screen and make me difficult to target, at least for other inexperienced players. It was what always happened to me. Never played much with the Ranger, and what I played was more PVE with sword and shield (I really wanted a Stygian fighter, still do). Was doing good and having fun with that. I also know that, despite his medium armor, the Ranger can be more vulnerable than the Barbarian with his light armor and feats

But I do feel a little shame to play one of these classes, because they seem saturated on the server.

Man, this post is going much too boring and big. I really can’t be succinct. On the risk of not explaining myself any better and even being rude, I’ll go and ask already once again:

Can someone suggest a class that is simple and survivable enough for a completely eternal noob to play in Saga? One that ‘doesn’t need’ too much thinking? If there is one. I don’t need to master it, just enough so that I won’t be a complete embarrassment in the first levels of the history halls of the Hyborian Age.

Would really appreciate your help. Thank you for your attention, and sorry for the emo surplus.

I´d say barbs are quite a noob friendly class. And its pretty balanced all around. Also, if a barb ends up being your choice i would go for a build that relies on blood rage. Reaver can be a but hard and not so forgiving at times, due to lack of survivability. Blood rage on the other hand has pretty decent survivability due to the health regeneration.

Pom is also pretty good, not so many buttons to push compared to other classes. But for my understanding u dont prefer the healer, so maybe not the best choice :slight_smile:

Yup go Barb. Simple, fun, and very strong

Sabre, Mabbzz, thank you for your suggestions.

Sabre, I went looking for details about PoM. Like the Assassin, it is one of the least classes that interests me. Reading about its talents in the JoharAoC Feat Planner, I confess made me curious to almost try it.

But you’re right. The healing responsability in what I read makes me cringe back to my shell.

Now the barbarian… I read it’s details in the AoC Wikia and examined its talents tree. I also have one in Crom and I do like the class. I wasn’t considering it at first because, although he was level 27 and easy to remake, he is the character I shared my Zath social armor (which isn’t recoverable). And at first I didn’t want to have duplicates.

But, since whatever class I’ll choose I cannot transfer to Crom, maybe I will have to create a duplicate, at least for training in PvP, so I can be better in Crom’s Minigames afterwards.

Sabre, I agree with your suggestion about the Blood Rage. That means I’ll go to the Berserker Tree which favors the two-handed sword, which I like more than the two-weapons style.

The Berserker Tree has also these “Rampaging Horde” and “Thirst for Blood” end feats that seem nice for contributing to the team (at least at first glance), pity the 2m cooldown per ability duration. I don’t know if anyone uses it.

But if I have to focus on survivability along DPS, I don’t think I’ll have points (11) to get it.

So it seems that Barbarian will have to do. I’ll see if I can try it tonight, and in the meantime study its nuts and bolts.

Once again, thank you guys. Posting this thread helped to organise my thoughts about the classes, and just your two answers helped to clarify them even more.

From my personal experience in early game, necros and demos are fairly forgiving, with lots of fire power. Barb’s are fun too, and get a plethora of CC’s depending on how you spec.

The PoM can be fun but you have to heal. Luckily you can circumvent healing partially if you were to go with a Vengeance heavy feat that procs a green heal (goes group wide, known as a small heal).

Good luck!

Necromancer: you don’t even need to pvp just ride around on your horse and let the pets do the fighting.

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Eh, I know about that first hand on the receiving end. But you have to take in account that pets don’t seem to do much damage at the beginning levels. You probably have to put a lot of feats in them. Their best thing is that they clog the screen, making difficult for an inexperienced player (like myself) to target the Necro’s teammates in the frontlines, while the Necron himself stays behind of all the commotion pew-pewing spells in “relative” safety (bloody backstabers assassins!). :slight_smile: But he is on my list, along Barbarian and Ranger.


Thanks to your advice in the other thread about server transfer, my Barbarian choice is now below a little shadow. Well, thank you very much! :slight_smile: Arguing now with my buttons: Since I have one already on Crom, maybe I should go for another (Ranger or Necron) so that I can achieve more quickly my list of classes I want to play with in the game.

My problem with these classes is: they’re almost everywhere in Saga. I want to try them because I like them, but feel kind of dirty to be on the bandwagon. Never liked much to be one of the masses.

Well, nothing better than go trying instead of talking.


Ranger, it’s actually hard to fail at.

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I’ve seen some pretty fail rangers actually. Only a few actually do well.