Just Seeking an Advice


Good day,
We are just 7 friends who decided to play age of conan and all of us like to RP, Pve and 2-3 of us is dedicated for PvP, Minigames, and roaming in Border Kingdoms.
For all those game mods which class should I choose. I love to play barbarian, bear shaman, conq, guardian and dark templar.


RP: Bear Shaman is hard to RP because of communication with bears. You have to role-play grunts and growls and interpret them. I suggest role-playing a Guardian. Additionally, you will have time for speeches when non-RP PVP players attack you.

PVE: pick any class you prefer from your list. Dark Templars might be a good choice.

PVP: Guardian.

Minigames: Bear Shaman. You will not need to carry the flag, and you will be highly sought.

Roaming in BK: Barbarian because of the nimble AAs and other speed boosts.


Different classes for each aspect of the game, is there any class for all of them in the middle of somewhere :confused:


Herald of Xotli!


Oh come on its not in my list :joy:


Still, HoX is the most fun class in the game. :wink:


I do not deny that but the problem is I must fill the most demanded spot in all of this game modes. :joy:


Didn’t you say you are with a group of friends? I assume you’re not all taking the same class, are you? :laughing:


Yes we are group but I cannot rely on them so if anyone stop playing I must be ready with my class for everything :joy:


HoX are a fun class… that is true. And they are quite survivable even soloing. I have at least a couple of them at level 80. BUT… they have the worst graphic bugs in the game, so be prepared to run around with a dozen swords on your back if you decide to roll one. (The bugs have gotten worse since the vanity weapons were rolled out… I gave up trying to use a xbow in my offhand, since the weapons meld and you never know what you have equipped without keeping a very close eye on your hotbars to see which ones are lit up.)

For the classes you identified up top, I would recommend conq with brute spec. You can tank anywhere, dps, help with heals, battle rez a fallen friend, provide solid team buffs, and have endless CCs with remorseless aggression. Second choice would be bear…some solid heals and buffs, but much weaker dps.

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How is conq and bs in pvp aspect ?


Don’t pvp myself… but hear they are both strong classes.


Can conq tank everything ?


Yes, conqs can tank everything in this game, same for other tank classes.
There might be scenarios where one class has it easier than another but overall, all tanks are equally good at tanking, depending on the player who plays the character.

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Do you have experience to criticise conq and bs in pvp situation ?


Not much but I know that both conq and BS are really strong in PvP, BS is harder to master but if you manage to do so you are unstoppable, conq seems easier especially in brute spec (2 bubbles and so on) because you dish out lots of damage while surviving almost everything.

I only played BS in PvP myself and once I got the hang of it I got really strong, was able to win some duels against PvP 10 players (Hox, Barb and some others) while only having pve T1 and blue gear myself.


Its really hard choice for me polearm guardian charge is so cool bs is really strong conq is just conq … I am dead …


In the end it depends on you which class you enjoy playing. There is no reason to play a character that is strong but not enjoyable for you. Sooner or later you will have more than one character anyway and experience more classes.
Also, it’s not possible to determine how a class plays in the first few levels (1 - 30 or even 40) because all classes play almost the same during that time.


I have played all of them I mean which I have mentioned above, but I do not know their end game situation but I have enjoyed with them too much during leveling to 80 level


In PvP:
-duels: the king is the BS, 1 vs 1 the BS is the best class, and has no real conterclass
-Pug mini: DT is very strong (but u have to carry the flag), barb is super strong, fast and a lot of survivability while doing a lot of damage, BS is super strong too but probably harder to play, finally conq is just OP if you want to chill while killing clothies, go for conq
-open world pvp: i would say go for barb or conq (carnage conq with the KB charge is amazing in open world pvp)
But trully all these classes are good and fun, pick up the one you prefer in term of gameplay/playstyle