PvP from a casual point of view

I’m not some youtube celebrity who gets hot girls from weekly conan exiles video updates.

So I’m not gonna sit here, present some egghead scientific argument about pvp, based on fact.

I’m just a regular dude. I like my whiskey cold and my wings hot. I like the Conan genre.

Rock, Flag and Eagle, amirite?

Now the current PvP community is trying to assassinate the meta.

And I can’t change their mind.

I won’t change my mind, 'cause I don’t have to.
'Cause I’m an casual PvPer.

Last night on our official server, we decided to go PvP in the server arena. The rule was bring what you would bring if you’re just out adventuring.

No one would loot corpses.

Between 8 of us, we tried every weapon combo, armor combos, etc.

The victor came out to be venom infused sword and shield. The player would light stab and roll out. Leaving 4 venom, 2 poison to trickle down your health.

The best fight of the night was sword and board vs bow and arrow. A good 10min fight where eventually, snb got the critical hit.

Finally, we used the severed arm, shields and servered 2h leg, and did a a battle royal, free for all in the arena.

To my surprise, using purified flesh as my healing item, I managed to win it using the 2h severed leg, which acts like a hammer.

Point is, there doesn’t seem to be a meta, short of poison stacks, but that can be countered if you think ahead.

I think with enough practice, any weapon you choose can be the meta. Right armor, right weapon, right study…

I think I saw @zerog mention face tanking in heavy armor and a hammer, and after last night’s win, I’m personally inclined to believe its viability.

I’ll do better documentation in the coming weeks as I’m tasked with creating a new server public arena.


Just please keep in mind, that like a real bar fight, real PvP in the wild is a lot of scratching, screaming, and t-shirt pulling. Bombing, or dipping into the water, or rolling off cliffs and moving the battlefield to a vertical head-sitting contest, these are all the things. I like your idea of PvP. Hell I like you. Why don’t you come over here and have some bourbon with me instead?


I just always scratched my head at the 2yr long discussion of spear PvP meta, and last night’s brawl was refreshing in its discovery. 90% are gonna run, but I’m curious if we can get other players to give us a run down on their open world, more often then not encounters, not just the highlight reel.

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I have not speared since blade of adventurer, and last night, it was dodged and countered easily.

I can recall when you could jab an unsuspecting player in 4 hits ftw. Think that has long changed.

There are certain weapons that people will farm for pvp now … 2 handed annihilator sword(expecially equipped on a thrall) from the warmaker dungeon is a new favourite… but in general it’s the sag claws or new ones from the den … the poison stack is lethal… they are the meta but finding people using hammers a lot also … pikes are slowly dying :ok_hand: … also depends a lot on what buffs and heals your tribe can keep up with … I still use herbal tea but costs a lot … may have to try abysmal again :+1:


Annihilater has 100% armour pen :grin:armour is nothing lol also havoc malice and whirlwind blades are been used a lot …

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It’s so you can’t tank and gank me, Nightstalker! :smiley: FTR I am totally for all modes of combat, especially chivalric. The current way of fighting that prevails on PvP servers is ugly, silly and inelegant. Therefore I’m all for opening up new styles of engagement.

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Don’t even get me started on heavy armour … only used it for thrall but now it’s silly expensive (I refuse to use ANY hardened steel for this lol) I know some people play casual but when you can tame 30+ thrall a day because you have 10+ members it’s beyond a joke :joy:

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The annihilator 4 shot me in med/hvy, against my whirlwind blades, but I went full reeeeeee! and didn’t back off, thinking the blades would stagger him.

I vaguely remember a polearm thrall killing me in medium armor a year ago when I played on an official PvP server. Forgot to factor in a decent size clan as @TINK said, so standing ground is different vs 2 players and 2 op thralls.

Fck… I can’t imagine running solo any more on official PvP if that’s the firepower running around out there.

Reason I can relate slightly to the pve c side of combat is from dueling in mmorpgs.

Now you guys mention placing bombs…

What else goes down on official PvP when out and about?

Does anyone use chem warfare, gasmask?

I do not go out without a gas mask … always have poison arrows in my inventory… to be honest I play console and performance is not great … we are also forced to fight in these big groups because there are still people that exploit the game … besides that tho 1v1 fighting usually depends on who runs out of heals first… I have ran into people placing jars but not very often as they cause lag on both sides… solo can be done but I would not even bother to build a base lol … I hide when I go solo :blush:I don’t always bother with pvp sometimes it’s more fun just finding ways into people’s bases without explosives… I will try insert a clip of how big group fights usually end (on Xbox)… with me scratching my head thinking how did I die lol … I need a pc :upside_down_face:


Flawless Epic Medium and 23 Agi gives 68% damage reduction. Quite a lot to negate imo

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May set mark your words !

Agreed. The difference between the armor types needs to be adjusted. Heavy armor needs to be a literal tank, especially considering epic heavy armor costs.

If heavy armors gave immunity to bleed they would immediately become useful. And it would also make sense.


Yeah, while I obviously enjoy the high damage reduction of medium, I agree it’s way too close to heavy

agreed, immunity to different effects between classes would add an extra variable to consider when selecting armor.


Now were talking


heavy armor adds duration to cripple (opposite for light armor)

armor rating reduces the damage of bleed

i think survival is already lowering bleed damage, but making bleed stack impossible on heavy would certainly give them another purpose than just for thrall

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They should finally fix that you are able to wear a medium helmet with light armor… You can get to ~325 with it and have the light roll.

I have seen PvP from casual players. Everything is viable there just like Crystal Maiden Carry Mid in lower ranked Dota 2 pubs.

Since I usually play Conan with and against high skilled players, it was always spear/polearm with applied poison and bombs in PvP. With the latest changes and additions though, you can see more uses of Whirlwind blades and 2h hammers. Even some bow builds are used (mostly for bomb PvP). But spear is still a must carry.

A usual 1v1 goes like this: Get your opponent down to 50% HP or lower with poison and spear/2h hammer, shoot explosive arrow next to his feet, place jar. If your opponent dodges and manages to heal up again, repeat.


All the time, especially against mobs of naked players trying to swarm geared players. Acid arrows also come in handy when people (especially climbers) switch to a mask. Gassing in the middle of a fight also forces enemies to throw on masks which mess up their stats. Of course people will try to target you the minute they see the bow out, but a pair of havoc and malices keep most at bay.