What's the best combo rotation for HoX?

As title says, what’s the best combo rotation for HoX? Since they nerfed Hellfire Breath (it can’t be casted while doing combos) I fell they killed this class, I seen tones of Hoxes in both pve and pvp sides but now, prolly necro is most popular mage, any suggestions ? Maybe it’s time to ask dev’s to bring it back <3 ??!

They killed the class? I can only speak about pvp now, there I see lots of Hoxes around and even though I didn’t play this class for long time I can say, this class is damn strong! Especially with T5 rune burn to death combo is just a free kill generator. btd --> pillar --> pillar --> pillar :smiley:

I don’t play my HoX much these, so maybe I missed the nerf. When I logged on today, I had no problem mixing my HFB in with my combos.

I see your point but now you have to wait or keep doing combo and then do HB which is annoying IMO. Before you just do it exactly every CD.

Hfb is your bread and butter. figure out if you are avatar or possession

Possession is your caster base. Usually want to get yoru melees up for debuffs and DoTs with pof as your main melee dps

Avatar : hellstrikes debuffs polymorphs snare .

Protip from one of the oldest hox’s in the game.
HFB between melee can only be done with 3rd party application / programming. IT is near a 10nth of a second to fit the hbf inbetween the any combo queue.
Anyone saying “oo it so eeasy” are bad players who use 3rd party applications outside of the scope of basic macro key combo recording.

I don’t care who you are, I was part of the reason they “fixed” combo morphing . people playing this game at least on fury , are mostly automated.

I think he mean that he is doing HFB between combo steps. It is absolutely normal.

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Try to keep BTD VI constantly on CD, try to buff this combo as much as possible (Exultation, Demon Maw, Demon forms), after that u can use Pillars II and III or Fire Lance, use Inferno at 10 stacks, use Flame lash at 10 stacks if Inferno is on cd. Use Molten steel and Inferno curse if boss miss an elemental debuffs. HFB every cd of course, do not start the combo finisher is u have 0,5-1 sec cd on HFB - w8 a bit.

With T5 rune use following rotation: BTD VI, HS VI, HS II.

Take Demonic Supplication and use following rotation of demon forms: DE, AoX, DS->DE, DE.

Of course this is a very general description. Details depend on the particular boss encounter and many other things.

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I would recommend fire lance only at tier 3 pvp gear.

It was PvE rotation. Usually when players ask about combo rotation they mean PvE part of game coz PvP part is very situational.

For PvP Fire Lance is ok with any tier of gear.

Depends on having T5 Rune or not.

but BTD on CD HFO on CD and fill with pillars and if you got T5 rune -> hellstrikes