Character T6 armor bugged

So i have the dreaded T6 armor bug.

Sometimes when I die I will rez with less HP’s over and over. Like last night in T5 Vissy, after a rez i had 500 less hp’s until I was about 2k short.

Also when this happens I start to get hit like a truck by the same mobs I was tanking with far less problems before the rez.

I have heard the only real fix is to have a GM ( if even possible ) delete and recreate your character.

Any other fixes out there or is my toon fubar ?

All those missing hp sound like you lost some buff from either flanking, the priests’ buff (1087 to 15xx depending on build) or a demonologist’s pet, or several of them.
Dead or unbuffed people in your group can maybe explain why you have been hit more too : maybe you didn’t have a mage shield any more.

The only bug I have heard/seen with T6 armour is having the wrong number of stacks compared to how many pieces you have, which gets fixed by removing all your pieces are re-equipping them. This having less hp sounds very weird.

nope, same group, same buffs, all other chars didnt have their hp’s drop

Half the raid sees me with full hp’s half the raid see’s me with 2k less

And Im squishy AF when i get the bug

Next time, try to resurrect outside, unequip everything, zone in and equip your gear again.
There is an old bug that seems to make your gear stats not fully apply sometimes.

Ty, have been trying that, will keep doing it