HP and armor value bugs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

So I logged into this server and my life is at 200/435 and won’t regenerate despite the fact that I have the third perk in vitality. That issue kindof resolves itself when I eat something, but the screen remains bloody as if I didn’t heal.

Second issue, is my armor value being set to 40 (13% damage reduction) no matter what I wear. I immagine that armor value comes from my agility, but it will not change wether I wear the royal set, vaneer light armor or flawless epic light leather armor. with and/or without climbing gear.

I have a friend who also experienced this and it seems to have corrected itself when he killed himself in game. I’d be kindof mad if I needed to do that every time this bug would ocure since I use warpaints and that stuff isn’t cheap to replace.

The armor bug is not simply a visual glitch. Just took a hit from a greatsword while wearing the flawless light armor and it took out well over 200hp. If the values were correct, I would have lost 150 at most from past experiences.

I’ve attempted closing off my game, got back on and the issue persisted. Restarted my PC afterwards and nothing changed. Then I verified my files through Steam and even that didn’t change anything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Logging in?

I have this problem on a dedicated server. When an enemy attacks me with a weapon that reduces the armor like a hammer for example, the debuff appears just a second but my armor is reduced permanently.