Enemy causing reduced armor permanantly

Game mode: Online and Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: US

So while I was out and about in game I noticed something, and this is likely something to do with the sunder bug a while back I saw somewhere else on these forums. If I get hit by a mace power attack, my armor gets reduced permanantly. I only get the sundered debuff to appear briefly at the end of the combo but every power attack from a mace weapon does it after that.

But this effect doesn’t end. Changing armors does not fix it. Relogging does not fix it. Your armor remains permanently reduced until your character dies. Example being right now, I put on a full set of Silent Legion armor and am currently only getting 413 Armor. Total. And this armor has the thick plating mod attached to it. If I put my flawless Khitan Imperial Armor I only hit 439 armor total, which even if we don’t account for agility the flawless Khitan Imperial Armor should be at least 800 armor.

this is a severe drop in protection as normally I run at about 77% damage reduction from heavy armor like the Silent Legion set, but at current I’m reduced to 62%. That 15% in damage reduction can really mean the difference between shrugging off a hit or being flattened by it in this game.

Edited: I only noticed it in the one areas, I’ve since corrected the post to point at the correct npcs after some testing in singleplayer.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Observe armor total in inventory and stats screen
  2. Find mace wielding thrall npc
  3. Get hit by mace wielding thrall npc
  4. Observe armor total in inventory and stats screen again.

Just look at the second post of this thread :

Thank you for the input.
Getting back to the team to go over the books about this :slight_smile:

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