Armor not Adding Correct Armor

Game mode: Official (1971)
Problem: Bug

I am experiencing a issue whereby my armor and damage reduction stat are not applied correctly. I currently have equiped stygian raider armor which adds a total of 143 armor. However, my armor in the character screen shows as 105.8, and I have a total of 29% damage reduction.

Additionally, when wearing kambujan shaman armor (modified with thin armor plating) I should have a total of 128 from the armor. However the character sheet shows that I have a total of 96.8 armor and 27% damage reduction.

Furthermore, when wearing medium armor I should have a total of 97 armor from the armor, however I have 78.2 armor and 23% damage reduction in the character screen.

I have had my friend wear the same armor and they have gotten the correct armor value and damage reduction numbers, it appears to be specific to my character.

Restarting the game does not fix it, un-equipping and re-equipping armor does not fix it. I can’t seem to fix this issue in anyway. I also have 10 agility as of the time of writing this post if that helps.

Repro steps:

Hey Diapermouth.

From that decimal you’re showing, looks like you’ve been afflicted with the sunder bug.
This is cured by death or a server restart. But it will reappear every single time you get sundered.

Basically, ever since the healing rebalance patch, whenever an enemy sunders you it will immediately wear off and on the right side of the screen it says "bandaging stopped’. Now you have semi-permanent sunder until death or the server is restarted.

I reported this in the following bug report.

With 10 agility you should have 20 armor. Get naked and it’ll probably be lower.

TL;DR: Kill yourself.

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Yep it appears you are right.

I have this problem too. It’s very annoying. Even though it says you have less armour does it mean you actually do? Like do you take more damage then you should be? or is it just the numbers bugged.

You definitely do take more damage.

This bug was fixed in the new TestLive build.

So that means it’s not in the game quite yet?

Correct. Not in the live build.
If you play solo, you could just opt into the TestLive build to get the update. They also have some official TestLive servers you could join after updating, but you wouldn’t be able to join ‘most’ servers as it’d say the version is invalid.

This is an odd issue, I was able to reproduce it once. After dying to clear the issue, it refuses to occur again. Do you know of a consistent way to reproduce this?

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@Zing- we’re gamers. we buy games to play them. most of us are willing to help the developers fix bugs because we’re nice, but we buy the game to play it - not to spend hours trying to replicate bugs in a games that’s almost two years past early access so that we can feed that information to developers free of charge. we bought this game - paid with actual money. The dude already told you how it happened. Stop wasting our time, get in there and play it yourself to replicate it - do what you get paid to do. It is incredibly frustrating to play this game right now with all the miriads of bugs in it. How would you feel if you bought a new toaster, got it home and realized that every now and then, the temperature goes haywire and randomly burns your toast? You call the manufacturer and leave a message about your haywire toaster. Four months later you get a call back they and ask if you can recreate the phenomena!!? How about send me a new friggin toaster, man! I’ve been dealing with randomly burnt toast for the last 4 months and you tell me you can’t just fix it or send me one that works?? Now I’m a toaster troubleshooter?m?? How about this - I’ll never buy a toaster from your company again, buddy! Click. Then you go buy a different toaster, you throw the other one in the trash and you think to yourself, “That was 50 bucks well spent.”

And now you know how the gamers feel. Like were being used for R&D.

Obviously games are more complex than toasters, and you’re all working very hard to fix the broken game, but 4 months?