Armor is not adding any armor value - I don't look very nekid but I am!

I’ve posted this in the patch notes topic, but copying it here too for another reason…

Has anyone else run into this problem and found a solution?? :slight_smile:

Game mode: Testlive US3
Problem: Bug
Title: Armor is not adding any armor value

Today I started fighting thralls and they seemed much tougher than normal, hitting me so hard. I’ve realized that its because my armor is not adding any armor value according to the Inventory “Armor” value, and on the Status window. It’s the same as if I were fighting nekid.


  1. Take off all armor
  2. Observe current armor value (will be something higher than 0 from stuff)
  3. Equip one armor part… Amor value on inventory window has not increased! (in some cases you get a small increase only due to an agility bonus)
  4. Try same with different sets. Same problem
  5. Try same with newly crafted armor. Same problem
  6. Try same with armor stolen off cold dead corpse of enemy I spanked. Same problem
  7. Try after death. Same problem
  8. Try after drinking Lotus Potion. Same problem.

Conclusion at this point is that I’m stuck nekid and afraid for ever! Well ok the armor is still decorative in pink.

Asked in global, and others are not having the same problem.

The fix was to pull bracelet. I had tried death but not this way.