[PC] HP Regeneration for No Reason

My health is regenerating non-stop I don’t know why. I killed a slave and equipped his armor, I don’t know if could be it.

Do you happen to have 30 points in vitality?

I got the same thing and did not have 30 in Vit. I was wearing the Slaver armor though. Didn’t pay much attention to other variables.

No, I don’t have 30 points in my vitality. I just have enough for the first perk.

Interesting. Thanks for the report.
Saw one of our animators having the same problem today. Good to know it’s also happening on the Live version. =)

Hey Scoop, I had this bug happen to me when I put points into Vitality while full health.

UPDATE: Yes, I changed the armor. It was the armor that was regenerating my health. Maybe the slave I killed was from a past patch? I don’t know. It was a slave of another player.

I’m randomly getting this too, I think it might be something to do with thralls following since I’ve only noticed it when this was the case