Entire Vitality 50 broken and not functioning

Game mode: PC live private server | Single-Player
Problem: Bug | Misc

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All perks in the Vitality tree do not function or add anything to the character. Each point placed into Vitality gives extra maximum health, however the 50 perk does not seem to do anything different.

Repro steps:

  1. Relogging, no change.
  2. Respeccing, no change.

Edit: Played and tested in Single-Player mode to try and replicate and understand what was happening better.
It seems the 10/20/30/40 still work (Although, 40 only appears to show 1hp/s regen to the Stats menu, even though it is more?), with 50 still being entirely broken and not comparable to its effect description at all (As near as I can tell, it is just the regular food regen buff and nothing else).

Further testing shows that the Vitality 50 perk doesn’t kick in at all and that even with it, the food’s 2hp/s regen overwrites it entirely.

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Yeah they broke the 50 vit perk when they nerfed the healing/food in combat. They REALLY need to fix, or make it be the way it was before the nerf Bat.

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Yeah it doesn’t seem to work, but even if it did, why would anyone spend so many points to get it? Seems like a huge waste.

But since they’re trying to make it so people can’t just face tank and heal through everything, it seems plausible that they’d overhaul this trait instead of fixing it.

Because it’s part of the game, and people are going to choose that playstyle if it’s included as part of the game. Just because it isn’t your playstyle, that doesn’t mean its mere existence is an offense or affront to you.

It’s meant to work. It currently doesn’t.

It requires fixing.

That’s all there is to it.

I never implied that it didn’t require fixing.

Quote, ExNihiloish:
Yeah it doesn’t seem to work, but even if it did, why would anyone spend so many points to get it? Seems like a huge waste.

Just going to leave that there, and then move on.

There are a lot of things about the healing that are completely borked right now, and it seems like I have a perma heal effect stuck to me or something. Everything there’s a few seconds’ break in combat, my health replenishes from 0-100 in the blink of an eye.

Yep. Just me ‘wondering’ why someone would take it. I never said it shouldn’t be fixed.

For the perma healing, check out my bug report on dancer healing, that might be it. You can see in my screenshots that I sometimes have over 75 healing per second because of it, which can stack even higher if allowed. There’s no limit, it would seem.

Yeah, for the perma healing, that certainly looks like it might be what’s going on. I’ve a multi-floor mega mall of a citadel that I live in and dancers are spread through out the whole place. That is very like to be it.

On the Vit 50 perk, I’m trying to build to be my group’s tank. I want to be the one to soak all the damage for the rest of them, so we reliably know who’s being attacked - me.

That’s a good reason to take it then, I appreciate the explanation.

I’m always solo, so I was thinking of it from that perspective. If I were to go for that trait, I’d be super weak and it’d take forever to kill anything.