Vitality 50 perk broken?


Is the Vitality Perk you get when investing 50 points into it broken? I do not recognize any difference in healing offered by anything… or how does it work?

You slowly (very slowly) regain health automatically. Don’t expect quick healing like you get when you consume food.

ist that perk from 30 vit?

he means that food work as hp poiton

idk if its broken, try get perk and eat ie steak, and watch if at end of healing hp jumps/its said in description u get hp brust

Sorry, I misread the post. Thought you were asking about 30.

If i am not mistaken the regen you get is still based off the type of food you eat. Meaning eating an egg won’t give you the extra regen eating steak would.

I mean the Vit 50 perk. Yes, the slow regen is Vit 30, but Vit 50 is supposed to provide like a burst of healing or something after eating normal food… which it does not from what I tried. Maybe it’s only specific foods? Idk… What do you usually eat for regen Krieg? :thinking:

Normally I eat roasted haunch Good stuff bro good stuff. Cook it just right and mmmm yeah.

Give that a shot and if it doesn’t give you a boost then yeah i’d say its busted.

From my limited testing I conclude that there is no boost… but I do now know I can stack Herbal Tea and Roasted Haunch for a big healing boost. The tea pushes roughly twice as much as the Haunch though… kek

Cheers though! Guess I’ll just keep the 50vit as an attempt at a different Meta <3

try aloe soup and herbal tea… not only do you get the heals but a stamina buff as well

Yeah, it is busted. I believe I reported it a week or two ago in PC bugs section. Now I just crank Vit to 40, until it starts working.

Vit 30 provides the perfect balance for me, YMMV. Never actually tried 50, so can’t say if that’s busted (sounds like it might be though).

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