Vitality Attribute 50 perk, food is healing potion, does not work

So, yes. I boosted my vitality to 50 on an Isle of Siptah character and the 50 perk states that food will now act as a Healing Potion and it does not do so. You get the little boost mentioned, but food acts as food, not a healing potion and I don’t see better results from actual healing potions, at least as a percentage of total health. Also the small instant healing buff you get from eating food is a one-shot, eating more food does not heal you in this way.

Now I know that the way food works was changed about when Siptah was released, but it seems that this Vitality perk was overlooked in that update since it seems to do almost nothing now and this is not right since it takes 50 attribute points to get.

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Well you don’t get that much from attribute points so it really is the perks you are rolling for. Like the difference between attribute 0 and 50 is roughly 30 percent more damage, health, etc. Means you can be a decent archer at zero points in accuracy or a passable fighter at 0 in strength. but add in the perks and things begin to multiply. So having the level 50 Vitality perk be a nothing is wrong and should be fixed.

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I’d like to see an attribute points multiplier as a server setting. I know there are mods which extend the total (I use them) but it’d be nice for console players to be able to have a little extra freedom as well.

And the whole point of the OPs thread was that food does NOT act like a healing potion, yet the perk states that it does, and I can confirm this since I also tried it and it did not work as intended.

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You get 2% damage per point in strength, so 100% extra damage at 50 str.

Same with Archery just for ranged damage obviously.

On topic, as far as I know it’s “intended” that the 50 vit perk doesn’t work and it’s going to be replaced by something else.

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Don’t give them ideas.

It’s not meant to replace potions, just an added benefit as Halk mentioned. I haven’t tried it yet, hopefully it’s better than the healing waterskin effect.

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