Attribute Vitality point 5

Attribute Vitality point 5, will this be changed in the future? Since healing from food is disabled.

Would be nice if this gets fixed.

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Which mean the 5th perk is kinda lame, isn’t it?

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the 5th perk is broken, since it doesnt work anymore.

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It hasn’t? Who keeps telling you people this?

Have you tried it? I don’t think you have.

Even if its not broken, its usefulness is almost null now. With 50 vit you could go to full hp using tea + haunch, now what does it do, doubles 5hp/sec?

Almost as if tea + haunch was a broken meta that needed to be addressed because of exactly that.

And 10hp/s is still pretty formidable, especially if you’re stacking that with actually using the new heals as they’re intended to be used. A good aloe potion and a feast can top you off very very quickly

Ah yes, FC was playing 5d chess by keeping a certain way for months, and then nerfing it to an acceptable state with a complete healing overhaul

Of course that was the reason

I figure we just let them echochamber. Healing is better now in every way. Potions heal more, heal faster, food heals more and for longer.

But people think it was nerfed. Let them think it at this point. They and people like them will leave and the playerbase will be stronger for it.

Quality > Quantity.

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