Save the dungeons

A very big thank you Garrus! because that was the first Khitai dungeon I ever went, and it was great fun. It didn’t take long, I learned a lot, and we finished. The next time I went with a group that had a harder time, but we still finished. I only wish they had gone with you first.

yeah, sadly they missed out on a free lesson on how to run it fast + actual XP for it. Either way im glad you enjoyed it. ;D

People hating cuz i don’t like to run as a tank, not like it caused any trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

I still wonder how these people figure out how to sign up for RF and then how to buy the gear with all these different kinds of relics in those rather “hidden” locations.
But maaaaaybe clicking at least once on one of these many little images that pop up in your hotbar during 79 levels? Nah, that’s a little too much.

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I have alt in a different guild and… there was some new player who just reached 80 by just power leveling, has no clue about anything and he asks. “so what I do in this game”, and the response to him by the guild was “farm raid finder”

now u know


do you wonder? Maybe you never did a vision tour of the gear then. The RF players do not make only rotation mistakes, I have seen things like BS in ranger or BS in pom gear T4 (power) anytime times for example.

I have the feeling people start to lose common sense sometimes… if I open up a game and the proceed to do literally nothing for several days while getting carried by others I should start to think about the possibility that I may be doing something wrong.

@zujilin Yeah I have seen some people do that as well but that might also have something to do with translation issues in some cases. But it still kind of shows that these people invest no time at all to maybe check if something is wrong with their gear.

Maybe RF should not give any relics but just idk…10 atlantean shards per run and 2x the AA XP points. I am not a pro player and forgot many tactics in my 3 years break from AoC but at least I try to google and read them if I dont understand something. As someone said here, there are full t4 toons out there who have no idea what miasma or blood draw is. They dont care about targets target, they dont care about hostile buffs… they just care to get their relics and run around with full t4 while no idea about the game mechanics in general.

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And relics IV too… Khitai dont have nothing after raid finder, I have khitai only for achievement and NPC gear tier 4.

the idea is very good, put atlanteans and IV relics. YAY

T4 relics already drop in Khitai. In T4 raids.


What the game needs desperately, is dungeon finder.

All the dungeons should have UC/HM modes as well, and I mean every group dungeon and it also means the dungeons should be scaled to toon’s level or toon to dungeon’s level. With this possibility, combined with approriate token rewards per each dungeon people would begin to do them much more often. This would also encourage people to atleast try out the dungeons, and not to be turned away with the usual “Exp/AA/Gear required” messages.

X amount of relics could be earned from each dungeon completion, whereas say X amount of Atlantean Shards could be a daily UC/HM reward. Or smaller amount of Shards from each UC/HM dungeon, something like that.

Since WB is the T1-2 loot pinata these days, and RF gives relics and shards, dungeon runs tend to stay in the backdrop, which is a shame. I personally would like to see a dungeon finder tool in the game one day.


Just watched there livestream and Andy said there going to be adding atlantian shards to dungeons :grimacing:

No, not to the dungeons but to a leaderboard challange which includes some ranking in dungeons being done per day / week or month.

The dungeons themself wont get shards added to the boxes that bosses drop.

Hopefully these leaderboards stay forever or return monthly / weekly lile a WB or RF so it can compete with RF making it a viable option to get shards.


The Unconquered Leaderboard was ‘borrowed’ for the Anniversary Challenge.

600 Atlantean Shards to the top 100 overall players on Crom and Fury across two categories:

**AA Points Gained**
    Counts total Expertise gained from the start of the season
    Does not include Prowess nor Mastery gains by themselves
**Dungeon Bosses Killed**
    Counts total group AND raid dungeon bosses killed
    Does NOT count solo bosses
    Bosses must award XP to the player in order to count

Basically, if you’re visible on the front page of each leaderboard, you are eligible for the Atlantean Shard prize!

Best suggestion on this thread !

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it’s a lot of work to do this, I would mobilize a lot of money and a lot of work for a dead game, just as my ideas are dead its has no meaning

Was it ryzena? LOL

and why not make a solo content maybe so the game again make some sense to some, after all a game with 11 years and people migrating or stopping playing Aoc. We are about to end this game.



This is what we all wanted to be fine with. What we got was the lame RF. Ever since people have been dropping off. Now it’s hurt too much to return.

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Its not RF that is the problem, but the atlantean shard rewards for it. Give chances of those dropping in other dungeons or raids - people will not be sitting in RF queue 24/7. Ofc some will still do that, but at least we need some other alternative.