Dungeonfinder for smaller Groups?

Raid Finder is a great addition for the game in endgame. Can you use the system to add a dungeon finder for smaller groups and for the leveling process? would be nice. many new and returning players are in the leveling currently and a dungeon finder would be a nice tool to add.


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I’m not bothered to do (for instance) Khitai dungeons anymore but I would sign sometimes to it if there’s option like that.

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How exactly is raid finder great addition to end game.
Lets go through what raid finder is

Easy mind numbing content with no strategy or skills / awareness involved
Cheap zero effort content to keep people playing (rf rings)
Rewards people with “best” gear with no effort at all (suitable for snowflake generation)
Kills any content before tier 4, as there is no “reason” to do khitai or t1-2-3-4 raids anymore as you can boost yourself to 80 and sign rf and afk there for a month and u have best gear in game.

And at level 80 you need perks for dungeons, which would be super messy with “dungeon finder” not to mention kill any socializing there is left in this game. no thx


Raid finder is the worst addition to the game, and dungeon finder is one of the ideas that has been buried every time since 2011 or so.

You need to alter your group by picking people for their reputation, skill, gear, and arrange set-up accordingly; sometimes, even taking a step further and experimenting with weird set-ups.

There is nothing hard in forming a group while levelling or at 80 by asking people around.

So, this idea is glaringly bad, just like RF.

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In theory, Raid Finder could have been good. That’s the keyword. COULD.

The way Funcom implemented RF has been an utter disaster. Awful.

Given how Funcom handled RF, I could see a DF being just as disastrous.


Is there an example of another game that has a raidfinder type feature which is actually done well? I’m curious as I cant think of a way to implement such a mode without it being pants.

WoW Dungeonfinder is “ok”, but WoW dungeons/raids do not need specific setups in the nonmythic tiers. Their raidfinder is also a weak version of their raids, but with a weaker version of the gear.

they have a different concept of classes\requirements.

Imo it works great in FFXIV, but the playerbase in that game is pretty big, and it’s also cross server as long as you’re in the same data center.

The “dungeonfinder” in FFXIV isn’t like raid finder though since you actually queue for the original dungeons (random or ones you’ve chosen) and not nerfed ones. You have dailies which resets everyday which gives you instentives to play more than only at 8pm for the weekly raids. Also considering a lot of the dailies are random dungeons, boss fights etc a lot of the older content is used for newbies that are doing it for the first time, so it’s a win-win for everyone. (I have to admit when I get a dungeon below lvl 50 I get pretty sad since combat before well lvl 60 in that game is pretty bad :laughing:)

Raid finder in AoC could’ve been (note: could, also as someone else stated already) fine. I like the idea of a raid finder, I just do not think it’s wise to put the best gear in there. It’s a nice place to learn certian mechanics and get an overview of the fight in general so you can proceed to the real thing later on with more experience.

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+1 for LFG system for dungeons

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With all this being said , I do not think you need a dungeon finder in this game. This has been posted several times now, but just give Khitai, Unchained, Dragon’s Spine dungeons etc weekly quests instead, and it would work the same way more or less. Probably even better.

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Tbh its just people being lazy, playing mmorpg and not willing to type “lfm tank + dps for mona + palace”
If that is too much work then just go play another game please

Like lets be real, the global chat Ain’t exactly active, so not like you miss anyone lol

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dungeon finder is good if it replaces raid finder and you have to fight actual dungeons(not nerfed once) with same reward(rares+gear) + you have weekly quest with atlantean shards(w/0 t4 relics, may be add t1-t2 relics there)


I don’t know if you were around or remember, but when raid finder was first announced, the old forums blew up in disappointment and there was a huge outcry for dungeon/raid group finder rather than what we got. Just as WoW and ESO have these systems. It’s such a shame we got what we did instead.

time changes and its much harder to find a group for dungeons lower 80. so much content is not used and with a dungeon finder you can do so mutch with existing content. please funcom

The problem is not the absence of tool. The tool would mess up low-level content even more miseraby. We do not need a dungeon or raid finder, as it has been discussed in 5 or 6 topics before.

So much content is not being used at 80 for the reason that raid finder exists

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Well Raidfinder can take days before it pops. That means either Raidfinder has already killed the game or you are just wrong. Monday is the only day I can do a raidfinder on my toons and I rarely get more than one character in a week.

Not sure if u have noticed but they added new content, I would imagine most people farming that

Been like this for months. Long before onslaught.

This people already leaved) thats why aoc have 300 ppl on crom and 20 on fury. While wow has 2+ billions of players.
Gl with mona palace ++++ in chat, lol

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